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Boom, game over, there's no coming back from this.

Who do you think would need to fuse to be the villain capable of taking Superku down?

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@Helmsbram you have great ideas! Get a YouTube channel and share them! We need a Colab comic DBSuper/DC 馃憤
@JesusSantos I have a channel, just no webcam or mic or motivation to record stuff lol
Naruto added to the super strong heroes would make them soooo much stronger for the simple reason of shadow clones. Naruto can make upwards of 5k clones later in life. Imagine 5k gokus... Or 5k luffys.. Or 5k supermans.. 5k anyone, too op.
shanks and mihawk from one piece i think would have a chance
Omega shenron and doomsday BOOM!!