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These days, it's not enough to serve great food at your wedding. You also need a cute treat section. Many opt for the sweet table, which is incredibly effective. But if you want to ratchet up the wow factor, and potentially lowering the cost, then you should plan on going with a themed treat idea.
Instead of doing a ton of different sweets and treats, which are still very popular among brides, let these pictures inspire you to adjust it a bit and focus on one main thing, such as popcorn or waffles or cotton candy, or... Use your imagination and have fun with it. Don't go crazy. Remember, this is a wedding and meant to be awesome. No stressing allowed!
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YES! It's totally cool. Remember, weddings are not the strict regimented weddings of yesteryear. Millennials rule the roost now, and they have strong opinions on what they want. Waffles made the list! @InPlainSight. hahahaha
Is that your way of calling me old Marshall?
Maybe. But i think you and I are the same age. Right? i turn 39 later this year.
Sadly?! hahaha you're a trip @InPlainSight I am thrilled.