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If I've never told you before, I am obsessed with frosted lips. Like what you see here on the model.
Here, she dresses her lips with MAC's Happy Hibiscus, which is a hybrid lipstick that is lightweight and a cross-over that melds lipstick pigments with a sheen like application.
I already know--@jordanhamilton would most likely not approve! hahaha
ever since the LATE 90s/early 00s, I have been enamored by this style of lip. I love the cool temperature that it emits. I love the shade of pink that isn't loud, yet still, clearly noticeable. It's got the sheen that I go bananas for and comes across as a great every-season lipstick--at least Winter and Spring.
I love the colour but it doesn't look good on brown n dark skin girls
@marshalledgar yeah i guess i'll have to do that. Make my boring nude lips pop a bit
Nudes are my favorite! @humairaa Add a bit more pigment to your next nude to make it pop
@marshalledgar i usually go for nude lips
@marshalledgar if u think so then i should try wearing this colour n see if i get more guys checking me out!馃槣
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