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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Set! Let's Go~

Today's pick: "Guilty Crown"!

My Dearest (Opening #1) by Supercell

When someone says "Guilty Crown", this song is one of the first things that come to mind. Supercell is a J-Pop group that started out with songs that used the same technology that Vocaloids use. As they became more popular, they started making songs for anime starting with "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" which did win multiple awards. With this song, they also win many awards. Great vocals, J-Rock mixed with an orchestra and an amazing chorus makes a fantastic song for a great anime.

The Everlasting Guilty Crown (Opening #2) by EGOiST

This duo is still pretty new to anime and in the music industry in general but man, the impact they left is memorable. Their first anime songs were for this anime and then they went crazy making "Namae no Nai Kaibutsu" which is the ending song for "Psycho-Pass". Both songs received awards and with good reasons. EGOiST has a lot of influence from Supercell (given one of the members is from Supercell), they have a similar style but EGOiST has softer vocals, faster pace and retains than mix of J-Rock with an orchestra plus a bit of electronic sound.

Guilty Crown OST by Hiroyuki Sawano

If you still don't know who Sawano is after all the praise I've given him in many of my cards...I guess that's fine? But seriously, Sawana is a legend in anime music. He has composed songs for many great animes such as "Aldnoah.Zero", "Attack on Titans", "Owari no Seraph" and of course, "Guilty Crown". No one can really reach his level of epic soundtracks! I mean he is one of the reasons "AoT" was so epic to begin with. His work is not really something you can describe with words but rather you have to experience them first hand, so GO! JUST DO IT!

Departures (Ending #1) by EGOiST

An ending that is very fitting to the first half of the anime. Very emotional and heartwarming which detours from their usual style but it doesn't leave a bad taste. Love the fact that they went out of their comfort zone to make an emotional track with their own style and pull it off. I even believe the soft vocals are even better for these types of songs rather than their usual crazy, fast-paced J-Rock. I cry everytime...T^T

Kokuhaku (Ending #2) by Supercell

There's more action in the second half of the anime thus this ending song. At this point, you should be used to the style of music Supercell make and if you haven't fell in love with them, you're beyond my help. This song fits perfectly to where the anime stands at that point but somehow I feel like it doesn't fit as an ED. This would've worked as the OP but with the OP's the anime already has, I can't argue why this one was the ED (if they even considered this one to be the OP at all).

An anime that was praised very highly for its art, animation and soundtrack!

Listen to your heart's content~

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I miss this show so much. I really enjoyed it. Especially last 12 episodes. What a hell of a plot twist is all say.
Anime for life ^°^
Oooo I haven't seen this yet! I'll put it on my list :D