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Darlings, it's time to start thinking about bronzers as Winter winds down. We Spring-Forward in just a few weeks. Sunday, March 13th to be precise.
While a lot of you gals probably have your bronzer product of choice (that you LOVE) and a routine that works for you, I need to point your attention to a product that, while is on the pricey side, earned an A-.
I can hear you now, Why would an A- make The List?!
Because it's sensational. And by the way, the "minus" had nothing to do with the wear of the product--it was the price point, which is $50.
It's called Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer, which, according to Temptalia, "fuses the illuminating effects of photoluminescent technology with bronze pigments to deliver a natural, sun-kissed glow while exhibiting depth and dimension. The sheer, airy formula sweeps on softly for a healthy-looking, radiant finish to the skin." In other words, it works!
How it rated:
TOTAL 92% (A-)
14 bronzer products were chosen, rated and compared. This was the easy winner!
Ladies, I've done the homework for you! Try this out. And as you know, Sephora's return policy is awesome, so there's no worry about trying it out. See for yourself if this is your new bronzer!
my bronzer saves my life during the winter. I hate looking soo pale...
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that's how you do it @jazziejazz you know what you're doing! :)
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I actually own the highlighting version of this (heard great reviews, got a great deal) but I think the color is just totally off for me - can't even tell its highlighting! I know highlighters aren't super stand out or anything, but I was kind of just "meh" after applying.
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@hikaymm illuminating bronzers can be a hit or miss sometimes. I'm sorry to hear that tour experience was less than stellar.
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