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I woke up finding myself in the same place. Umma is still laying on the floor but Tae Oh wasn't here "where is he" I said then I felt a hand touching my hair, it was Umma she was breathing heavily "Mi-Bya, I want u to take care of Tae Oh Ohh......" she cried it broke my heart then suddenly she stopped talking It freaked me out " UMMA!! UMMAAA JEBAL DON'T LEAVE ME PLZ I CAN'T DO IT ALL MYSELF JEBAL" then she start to cough " I trust u Tae Oh only have u.......Ommo it hurt" I shed my tears quickly before she sees them because she hates when I cry but I couldn't say anything " should always be with Tae Oh. Never leave him arrasso? go look for him now I'm begging you he can't be alone u should save him *cough hard*. She stopped moving "UMMAAA UMMA UMMA NO....N...O..."
listen to Beautiful by Baekhyun before u Continue OK!!? I know the song doesn't match with what's happening, but I think the rhythm does. :)
All I could think of is Tae Oh right now. I need to find him, I kept running and running around the streets people started at me because i had a lot of bruises. I couldn’t find Tae Oh so I started and while I was running i fell. I cried my heart out, I just lost hope. I've never felt so pitiful for myself more than now. " MI-BYA n what happened to you, why are u like that? WHAT HAPPENED" it was Joo-hyuk idk why he's here disappears in a second the come out nowhere, but thanks god someone actually noticed me, I hate saying that maybe he can help me finding Tae Oh. "Mi-Bya....what's wrong why you're like that what happened?" I wasn't paying attention to him because Tae Oh was the only thing I'm focusing on. "MI-BYAAAA" "Oh, what you want" I was frustrated "I asked u million times but u never bothered to hear me" Seriously is it the right time to say that, he didn't see how I was, he didn't even see how hurt I am. " WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED HA? WHAT MY MOM JUST PASSED AWAY AND TAE OH IS MISSING WHAT ELSE COULD HAPPEN HA YOU TELL ME WHAT?" I couldn't handle it anymore i felt like the world just threw me to hell. I broke into tears. he was shocked, he didn't even speak a word. Joo-hyuk disappeared again, i don't know how he do it so fast. I looked up at the person calling me holding Tae Oh sleeping. I didn't know who the guy was. I was gonna take Tae Oh from him, but he turned around fast he was quick. "Shhh...Hey do you want to wake him up? do you know how long it took me to get him to sleep" He said. I was embarrassed so I stood up took Tae Oh and bowed to him, but he grabbed my arm "Where are you going? and what happened to you why are you like that, who did this to you" I'm not used to anyone touching me I looked at my arm and looked back at him "Oh.....Sorry" he said "Why don't you mind your own business Ha?" I said, ok why I'm acting rude already he didn't do anything to me. he stopped me again saying "I'm sorry but I can't leave you like that in the midnight with a baby too." why does he care. he doesn't even know me, then he stretched his hand out, " Hey I'm park Jimin" I shaked his hand " I'm Sun Mi-Bya" " Oh what a nice name you have there, why you're so quite don't be afraid I'm here to help you" he smiled it was cute. "Um.....Hehehe you're not going to be quite all the time right?" I don't know what to say I've never spoke with anyone I was always alone, shoud I just run away. If I do he'll leave me right. Tae Oh started to wake up, then that jimin guy said "Oh he's awake!! let's go to my place I have some milk for him" WHAT I'm not going with a stranger I just met and to his his house hell no. " I don't know what happened to you but it seems like you're homeless" he said "Excuse me?" I frowned my eyebrows " Oh ahhh....Hehehe anni don't get me wrong I didn't mean to I was just trying to help" he blushed. wait what why is he blushing. "it's ok. thanks for finding my brother, you can go now" I said " Anni I'll drive you there at least it's dangerous at night" he said "No need I can go by myself" "Anni let's go" he pulled me to his car. We arrived fast to my place, but how did he know where I lived. "Um we're here I guess" he smiled scratching the back of his head "Thank you" I said I opened the house door to see a kid watching TV. waiiit who's that kid, then I heard noises from the kitchen I went to check then I found a lady cooking. she yelled when she saw me Tae Oh was still in my hands, but that crazy women woke him up. "YAAAH WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! GET OUT" What the actual fudge this hypocritical women saying "THAT'S MY HOUSE YOU GET OUT, WHO GAVE YOU THE PERMISSION TO ENTER MY HOUSE HA?" i yelled back " WHAT this house is mine I bought it two months ago and today I was supposed to move.....GET OUT" she started to throw stuff at me. What mental illness does she have? "what do you mean sold the house I'm the owner of this house, and I never said that I'm going to sell it SO GET YOUR CHILD AND YOUR STUFF OUT OF MY HOUSE AND NEVER DARE TO YELL AT ME AGAIN" i stopped for a second then i said " ALSO YOU NEED A SPECIAL KIND OF THERAPY THAT WILL FIX YOUR CRACKED BRAIN" All of the sudden Jimin came with cops behind him " They're saying that this house is for that women. are you sure this is your house?" he gave me a worried look " Yes this house is mine, my dad owns this house. I have all the papers in our store" " Anni I won't get out of the house I bought it already" that lady is getting my nerve right now "who sell this house for you?" I wasn't looking at her ugly face because I don't want her to be dead today " Lee Jong suk" -To be continued-
gosh I love that song and the story too
So exciting, very beautiful
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