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Que tal mis amigos!! Today is another Jimin Thursday and the Bulletproof Crew are doing cards of what it might be like to go on a Valentines Day Date with our bias. You know my bias is Jimin and this card will reflect how I think my date with mi Papi Chulo would go.


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Early day text......
My outfit... Bold eye and nude lip...can't go wrong with that!
Jimin is ready Ah he's gonna look better tha me!
We could go to an upscale restaurant and enjoy some yummy food...
Go for a quick night ride. Talk about about stuff and get a few besos
Then go home and chill. I would have dessert and we can feed each other pocky already made and we would get comfy.
Funny know what's up Jimin lol
See he's so excited for our date!
Oh its about that time...gotta go
Yeah so....goodnight mis amigos Jimin and have events to handle....
Bonus Funny Clip
don't do anything I wouldn't do (aka sleep on your Netflix date)
Yasss I'm spicy chocolate yummy. that's my nickname BTW lol. @CreeTheOtaku
@amobigbang well someone is being spicy
I love how Jimin knows spanish it was cute ^~^
@ARMYStarlight yep gotta teach him a lil something. @CreeTheOtaku I would be too busy to fall asleep πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚