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So, today my day has been horrible. Embarrassment with not so smart moments that I want to forget. It was one of those days where it seems like the universe is was against me. But thenโ€ฆ
My shirt came in!!! It came like 2 weeks early and I was so excited. When I tried it on it was a little big, but that's how I like my shirts. Plus, it was pretty cold since it was in my metal mailbox when it's 20 degrees outside. I think I'll wear this to school so people think, "Who has the last name 'V?'" (Sports are big in my school) Then they'll see the front, and be confused.
I got this off of amazon for around $8. In case you are interested. I'm not sure if it's official merch, but it's awesome. Now, I wait for my BTS jacketโ€ฆ
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bout to buy myself one ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ฑ
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Glad your day got better and hope that everything works out! the best part of embarrassing moments is, as hard as it is to believe, people really do forget them lol :D
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