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Grooms are the ones that get to have their cake and eat it too. That's because the groom's cake isn't the showpiece wedding cake. It was the precursor to the sweet tables that we see today--taking over wedding food budgets!
In a recent card I shared about how Millennials are taking the traditions of weddings and turning them on their heads! You can see it here. I bring that up because a friend of mine, @InPlainSight was sort of shocked that I would share waffles as a vignette food idea at a wedding. You have to read our exchange in the comments in that card.
So, in keeping with doing things new and different, take a look at these three groom's cakes that will make you smile!--designed, of course, by Cat Campbell of Cake Whisperer in Ottowa, Canada.
Anybody care for some Kentucky Fried Chicken?! These were made with rice crispy treats, molded into some of your favorite fried chicken parts and coated with white chocolate and dredged in crushed graham crackers and ginger snaps.
This is a work of madness and beauty!