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Are you ready my Minoz Sisters?^^ MAY 22, 2013!! Starhaus Entertainment has released the album cover photo and track list for Lee Minho‘s My Everything. The special album contains a special re-recording of the iconic track performed by Lee Minho for the hit drama Boys Over Flowers. The intention of the album is not to launch Lee Minho as a singer, but to commemorate support by fans for his acting career, which has spanned seven years. The track list includes the following: 1 Without You 2 Love Motion 3 My Little Princess 4 너와 나 그리고 우리 (You & I) 5 조각 (Pieces of love) 6 My Everything (2013 re-recoding) 7 Without You (inst) SOURCE:Starhaus Entertainment
is it true that he will have his album also release in the philippines..something like an album tour???
yesssss :D
Cute photo of oppa... few more days and we'll get to hear his new songs. so giddy right now!
yap......lov u
love his facials, lol
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