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My Stuff Arrived
As everyone knows the Japanese version of Made was released recently.
And I had to get it. The deluxe blu-ray edition of course. It came with the cd with Japanese versions of Loser, Bang Bang Bang, and If You, along with the Korean versions of everything else. The 3 discs are the Korean and Japanese versions of the MVs plus live concert footage and some special V Cast. It also came with a fold out poster and photo book.
This is the playbutton. I didn't know what it was so I had to get that too. It's a button mp3 player complete with safety pin that has the Japanese Made album pre-loaded so I can listen whener I want. Look how cute it is!
I will say that I personally do not like the Japanese versions because I'm so used to the others but I had to get my hands on the book for a pic like this. No scanned pictures with someone's mark on it. I also wanted the videos without having to youtube it either.
Was it worth it? Of course, cuz it's them.
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This is great wOw I personally really like the Japanese version of Bang Bang Bang
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That is beautiful!!!!
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So gorgeous!
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P.s. The live concert footage is their Osaka show from last year, the playbutton is awesome, and If You sounds beautiful. The V special is abt 20 mins of highlights from their individual shows.
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