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I am aware now that the lyrics is "Terrified...", not "Afraid...", but my laziness is preventing me from fixing it. Personally, I haven't gone through hell and back, so it is not so much what I have seen or experienced that terrifies me as it is who I come from and what their standards and faults will make me. I am my own individual person, but that does not mean that I am not being influenced by who my parents are, or who my sisters are. We are all connected, and we all have shortcomings, and those shortcomings run through the veins of everyone you are connected to. Now, I can't predict whether I will end up unable to sympathize like my mother, or if I will end up way too cautious of people's emotions in order to counter my mother, but I fear that one of the two is inevitable. We all try to be ourselves, but the problem is that people are social creatures, and society impacts us in one way or another and it is just an unavoidable fact of life.
Oh my god this song is EVERYTHING. Seriously such a beautiful tune. And it's more beautiful that you have a connection!
Agreed! Honestly i could listen to just the scores of that album or just the words of that album and be perfectly happy either way. @TessStevens