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Five minutes into packing your phone goes off.
“I missed you yesterday, let’s not do that again.”
You had missed him too, one of the reasons this was going to be one of the hardest decisions in your life.
Weird how quickly seeing someone or talking to them every day becomes a habit, and is a painful habit to break.
“Achim my tantalizing Tae”
“What is that tantalizing good or bad word?”
“Back to English, find it, it goes with succulent, let me know,” you smile devilishly and continue adding clothes to your suitcase. A few moments later,
“  I like, thank you. I call you my sapid one?”
A bark of laughter springs forth at the word he found to use. Sapid: agreeable to the taste or the mind. Well, he could definitely call you worse.
“Sapid it is. ”
Around lunch time a different ring tone goes off,
“I was enchanted by you last night. Thank you.”
You blow your hair out of your face as the message makes your beat just a little faster, wow. Not only did that steal your breath but what was that ringtone? It takes a minute but you realize that not only is it a different ringtone but it didn’t come through the Line App, it came from a direct number. A number that simply says Oppa and makes you smile as you read that the ringtone is Rap Monster Too Much. Lyrics, you will look them up in a bit.
You can see the smile as you get back, “Jagi.”
“Oppa, how did your number get into my phone?”
“While you were sleeping I was not. You mind?”
“No, thank you.” You sit down on the edge of the bed to stop your legs from shaking.
In the next minute, Line goes off,
“I need you like a heartbeat.”
Is this a competition? Were they sitting next to each other trying to one up each other’s messages? It isn’t fair, they aren’t playing fair. Maybe you should just stay at the hotel tonight and head straight to the airport in the morning. If they were acting like this through texts, what was it going to be like tonight around the whole group? Would it be better or worse? Guys tend to like to show off when around each other. Tossing your phone on the bed behind you, you drop your head to your knees.
Ken and Jimin swing by to pick you up around dinner time. After the texts at lunch you spent the rest of the day posting the approved blog entries, pictures, and pairing pictures with other posts that would be posted later. The hotel had agreed on a late checkout time but you had still camped out in the lobby by the large fireplace with your laptop. Upon receiving Jimin’s text you pack your laptop for the trip, knowing it won’t come back out until you’re in your seat on the plane.
When you arrive at the dorm, Ken parks and joins you and Jimin. JHope answers the door with a huge smile, glances over his shoulder before turning back, “Had to see if done cleaning,” he says to Jimin in Korean with a laugh. Jimin interprets and you roll your eyes and shake your head. JHope motions for you to enter and bows as you cross the threshold, “Honored guests.” It is said with typical JHope flair that you can’t tell if he is being sarcastic or if he really means it. You step inside curiously, looking around. The fact that it’s a dorm of 7 guys, it is amazingly cleaner than you thought. There are even a few places to sit on the couch. You can hear commotion coming from the kitchen and behind a few closed doors. You wander towards the kitchen to see Jin at the stove, assigning Kookie to set the table, and Jiminie to help put the food on the table. He looks up with a smile, a slight head bow and in English tells you Welcome. You thank him and through Jimin ask him if there is anything you can help with. He looks up shocked and states, “You are guest, go rest,” as he shoo’s you out of the kitchen. Nodding you head back into the living room.
A side door opens and out walks Namjoon, adjusting the fit of the shirt he just put on, his hair still damp. He bows to Jimin and Ken, turns to you and wraps you in a hug. Forehead to forehead he whispers about how long the days are, today especially since you weren’t anywhere around. He kisses your forehead, motions for each of you to sit while he checks on everyone. Unsure of what to do, you look around, fidgeting, finding it awkward since everyone is running around and you are simply watching.
Another door opens and JHope walks back out with a smile, Taehyung following close on his heels. He is nervously trying to fix his hair, but when he sees you he stops, comes forward to pull you off the couch and into a hug. He makes a humming sound as he inhales, than a kiss is placed on your neck as he whispers, “Yes, very sapid.” You shake your head with a laugh as he pulls back and bows to Ken and Jimin.
Jin calls everyone over as another door opens and Suga steps over to the table. He bows to Jimin and Ken, and gives you a look you aren’t sure how to decipher. After a minute he shrugs, smiles and sits down. It takes about 10 minutes for everyone to relax and start behaving normal. Talk flies around the table in Korean, all smiling and laughing. Even though you can only catch a word or two, sitting there and just watching their interaction is priceless. More than a table of friends, a table of brothers who obviously love each other. Ken sat on one side of you, Jimin on the other, Namjoon and Taehyung directly across. Jimin tried to interpret for you until they all started talking at once. You just shake your head and let her eat, enjoying the atmosphere.
If I had to make a choice between the two of them I would kill myself trying to decide......namjoon is my bias but taehyung is my bias wrecker which is why I'm toast either way. Lol
The decision between the two is almost a form of torture! Fantastic job! Can't wait for more :)
Wow... awkward much?! lol Wondering how the rest of the guys are actually taking this? No one wants to see either one of their brothers hurt... but... geeezzzz!! No, no, no!! I can't choose!! Don't make me! Waeeee?! 😜
if there's a chance of this happening to me in my future I need to get to learning Korean... I'm coming my loves!!! (geez phrasing smh)