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Despite the presence of fresh fruit, caramelized in sugar and syrup, on a breakfast plate, there aint nothing "healthy" about this gorgeous Sunday morning strawberry shortcake treat!
And while you may consume it at breakfast time, that doesn't make it breakfast.
However, here's the silver lining: Sunday, coming up, is Valentine's Day!
That means you can break the rules and do just about anything you want.
But because I am thoughtful, conscientious to healthy eating, and want to encourage all VINGLERS to get up and get fit, here's a spectacular recipe that I found HERE ON VINGLE, using the search tool.
It's by @GetFitWithAmy where she shows you how easy it is to enjoy life's SWEETS while remaining a truly vegan dish.
looks ABSOLUTELY delicious! omg!
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OMG! I just made pancakes with strawberries this morning! are those biscuits?
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