Sleep is for the weak. (That last toddler stomped on my head this morning to check if I was awake yet.)
Your voice takes on a life of its own.
Bathrooms are not sanctuaries. Bedrooms are not sanctuaries. Sanctuaries are not sanctuaries. Privacy is a line...that will be ignored. It's okay, you'll return the favor.
Work and family become amalgamous.
You always feel like a crazy person, the reasons vary from moment to moment.
You have not really panicked until you have a child.
No parent is perfect....
...But if you devote your all to parenthood with love, the rewards are endless.
These are all so wonderful and true! Lol! I get kicked in the face by my 3 year old when we sleep in the same bed. She is the craziest sleeper I've ever seen! Also, the bathroom thing... Since she started going in the potty, she will NEVER let me go to the bathroom by myself! And it's always, "Yay! You peed in the potty!" Lol! Gotta love being a mommy. <3
It never ends...I literally JUST told my 17 year old to get out while I was back there. xD
Lol My sister has the same problem! She's got 4 kids, 4, 8, 9, and 17 years old... And she never gets to go to the bathroom alone. If it's not one kid in there, it's usually ALL of them! Lol! When I lived with them, it took a while for the kids to remember I wasn't their mom!
Oh man, parenting sounds intense lol.