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It's that time of year again~ Some of us have someone to share the day with, while others do not! But even so we should enjoy the day with awesome Kpop songs!! ^^ and maybe watch some dramas on V Day too haha cuz that's what I'll be doing probably
Ordinary Love By Park Kyung(BlockB) ft Park Boram! Ahh this song is too good! ^^ <3
I Want To Love You by Alex from the k drama My Lovable Girl! Pretty good drama & this song is good too! I loved the storyline for this drama.
BTS Beautiful~ <3 Such an awesome song and though it's a song about one sided love, it talks about how even so its still beautiful. Love is beautiful ^^
Can't Stop by CNBLUE!! This song is sooo good! "I can't stop loooving you!" ^^ You can't control your feelings, the heart just does whatever it wants!
Sarang by Super Junior!! I think the title of the song says it all.
I Just Wanna by Amber & Eric Nam! This version of the song is in English and I looove their voices together <3 *melts* (also I love this fanmade MV)
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CNblue slayed. Im jealous of that girl for been in a video with BTS. 😒