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Everyone wants to be perfect, everyone wants to be the best, everyone wants to be noticed. And truly there is nothing wrong with that; in fact drive and passion are key to success!
The only problem is with success in your line of vision, it is really fucking hard to not compare yourself to others. And unfortunately the second you do that, you are making success that much harder to attain.
Comparison really is the achilles heel for most people. We spend our days looking over at the person next to us, ogling the bodies of people we deem more beautiful then us, hell we even compare just how fast the other person on the tread mill next to us is going! And it is completely ridiculous.
To achieve success, you need to remain focused on yourself.
Think of it this way; when running on the tread mill, do you spend your time thinking about you? Do you self motivate by thinking about how strong you feel? How great it will feel when all of your hard work pays off? How you couldn't run this far nearly a month ago?
Or are you to fucking busy worrying about how the stranger next to you is going 2.4 miles per hour faster then you?
Comparison kills in all aspects of your life. If takes away the fantastic results that can come from self reflection and self motivation and leaves you scrambling to conform to someones else's way of working because you think it is better for you.
And often times that is so far from true.

Do yourself a favor and realize that you will never be like anyone else because you ARENT like anyone else; and thats what makes you fucking awesome.

The quicker you realize that, the faster you will succeed...and the more you will enjoy the process of getting there!
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I'll be honest sometimes I compare stupid things. Like I get so insecure about how much faster someone draws or how they read faster. It's really really odd.
2 years ago·Reply
lol I prefer cookies
2 years ago·Reply
Yes is easy to fall in comparing yourself to others. It makes you feel very insecure
2 years ago·Reply
Is there really any need to swear in posts? it let's an otherwise good post down.
2 years ago·Reply
be yourself, every human have their powerful spirit
2 years ago·Reply