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Hi friends, so I don't see a lot of cards about horror games here, so I thought I'd talk about one of my favorites...Outlast, a first-person psychological horror game. I have a love-hate relationship with the horror genre and this one took me a long time to finish, but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in trying a horror game!
What's it about?
You're a journalist investigating a once-abandoned psychiatric asylum that is now being used to run horrific experiments. Your goal is to find out what's going on and escape.
Here are four reasons why you should check it out!
1. The Challenge
Games these days are all about the weapons and abilities and that's cool and all but Outlast takes the challenge up a notch. You have NO weapons and you CANNOT fight. All you have is a night-vision video camera (that you need to keep finding batteries for) and a notebook. The only way to survive is to hide and run. And guess what? It's so damn difficult! Especially when you have a giant zombie-looking monster 2 feet behind you. I probably failed at it at least twenty times before getting the hang of it. But that's what pulls you into the game. You're vulnerable and you have to act fast.
2. The Setting
Nothing is more beautiful than when a game gets the setting just right. Like most horror games, Outlast has a lot of violence and gore. But it has just the right amount to make you believe it. Ninety percent of the time, you will be walking through dark corridors and relying entirely on the camera to see what's ahead. And when you do peer through the camera, you'll either see a trail of blood stains or a disfigured asylum patient holding a meat cleaver in his hand waiting for you at the end of the hallway. Possibly the easiest way to get an adrenaline rush as you're holding on to dear life playing this game.
3. The "Enemies"
It's weird to call the scary asylum zombies enemies because they used to patients but they certainly scare the hell out of you when they run after you in the hallways. There are many random enemies that chase you through the game, but other main ones have a distinct personality and appear multiple times. I highly recommend giving them all names to make the experience less scary (My favorites were Guy Who Loves To Hug and Missing Face Dude). The main enemies have their own story and it's fun to figure out what that is. And the best part is you'll never be prepared for when they appear. Fun!
4. The Horror (Spoilers!)
If hiding and running in a dark and terrifying asylum with no weapons and plenty of enemies is not scary enough, Outlast adds more. In addition to all of these, you will lose a few body parts, get captured and trapped by crazy zombie doctors and lose your video camera and go crazy trying to get it back. Why do I list this as a reason to play the game? Because it adds to the full experience of a horror game. Yea, you might want to throw your computer after you finish the game or sleep with the lights on for a few weeks but you'll have had fun playing!
PS. I recommend playing this in utter darkness with headphones on at full volume.
Tagging some peeps who I think might try this XD
@TurtleyTurtles I definitely do enjoy those sort of games. And wow that sounds pretty rad and female lead as well? Sign me up. Thanks for letting me know, I'm gonna look into it ^^
@MorghanPorter Ah, if you do ever have some time to kill, this is the one I'd recommend ^^
@poojas If you're into suspense games, where you really can't fight, so you have to hide, and have to find stuff to put together so you can get out of there... It is a game for you! I believe you play as Riply's daughter from the Alien movies. It was good, but I have issues with anxiety, so I just can't handle the, "Oh god, is that him? Where is he? What's happening? Why did the music get louder?!" Lol.
I am not really into horror games,but this sounds good
@TurtleyTurtles Aww, that's okay! I totally understand. It's definitely not for everyone. I've heard very mixed reviews about Alien Isolation. Maybe I should check it out! XD
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