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I'm sick of being torn apart from other people, ripped away because of differences that shouldn't matter. I'm confused why labels such as immigrant, gay, woman, cis, are being used by powerful people who seem hell bent on keeping the "differences" ahead of what we all have in common, that we are people.
That we love, that we hurt, that we feel injustice. That we are the human race.
I am sick of men with money telling me which body, which skin tone, which religion is right, and which is wrong. And I think it's time that we the people take a stand, together.
And now....we might actually have someone who will fight for the people.
You don't have to like Bernie Sanders, hell no one ever seems to agree whole heartedly with any future president, but take a look at his most recent video and tell me that he isn't right.

Kind of gives you some goose bumps doesn't it?

I honestly don't know anything about this person I don't follow up with politics because I feel like it's just a bunch of lies telling things that aren't true and painting pictures in our minds which actually blinds us from the reality of what's going on. If someone really wants to make a change and live in peace with each other the first thing they would have to change themselves and separate themselves from the worldly materials only then a person can be safe from greed of money, power and everything that comes along with it. so personally in say that if you want to make a change don't look for power cause it will ruin your intentions. To do good you don't need a Title ( President, Ruler, King, Queen,General,Secretary of state, secretary of this and that) you just need a pure heart free of wants.
yes..from the video, is easy to say..but when it come to your own interest.. then we will know who you stand or fight for.. Truth sometime hurt
so far for his whole political career, Bernie has been a champion for the people. He was a champion for equal rights during dr martin Luther kings time. he has tiredly worked his whole life for equality and justice. he cares for the common people. he has a plan to get us out of this mess we are in financialy by giving deductables on taxable earnings when they invest on infrastructure. he wants to make it tougher for corporations to use tax havens to avoid paying taxes. but yeah…hes a "quack". wake up people. the word socialist shouldn't scare you. giess what some of your favorite institutions are? you socialist. emergency response services, police departments, fire departments, free clinics, UNIONS, The 40 hour work, guaranteed lunch breaks. Fair Pay. week came about through socialist means. But yeah… he's A quack. I don't think anyone really does any sort of investigation on the people in politics. but yeah apparently… he's quack. 😂😂😂
@IbyIbyiby I definitely agree with you!! Pure of heart is exactly what this world needs. Hopefully someone can finally come to power that has the one criteria that we want and the one that always seems to be lacking
Bernie Sanders is a quack.
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