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I'm sick of being torn apart from other people, ripped away because of differences that shouldn't matter. I'm confused why labels such as immigrant, gay, woman, cis, are being used by powerful people who seem hell bent on keeping the "differences" ahead of what we all have in common, that we are people.
That we love, that we hurt, that we feel injustice. That we are the human race.
I am sick of men with money telling me which body, which skin tone, which religion is right, and which is wrong. And I think it's time that we the people take a stand, together.
And now....we might actually have someone who will fight for the people.
You don't have to like Bernie Sanders, hell no one ever seems to agree whole heartedly with any future president, but take a look at his most recent video and tell me that he isn't right.

Kind of gives you some goose bumps doesn't it?

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yes..from the video, is easy to say..but when it come to your own interest.. then we will know who you stand or fight for.. Truth sometime hurt
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like I said he's a quack. He hasnt introduced any legislation in his 25 year carrer thats ever passed. he has only ever helped other politicians pass their legislation. The dude sat on the committee of veteran affairs for the last 6 years and fidnt do a fucking thing to help them as they lay dying in their bed or in the streets. Yea he really cares for people huh? But we should totally trust him with our health care even though he couldn't even handle the vets health care? huh that makes sense. Socialist, or socialism, shouldnt scare us? LMFAO Yea your right it shouldnt scare should fucking terrify us. Socialism hasnt worked in over a 100 years in over 50 countries world wide. It has left nothing but poverty and dead bodies in its wake. I challenge you to look up the definition of Socialism, which leads to Communism, and see just how many people world wide have died from that polictical system. Look at how well Europe's doing. Dont talk to the politicians of Europe ask the citizens how much they enjoy working 40 hour weeks to have their pay check taxed 80% in the state wide, or federal tax, and then have tbe other 20% thats left over be taxed an additional 25% for local government use. Go ahead. Ask Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, and the Uk who could all face bankruptcy in the next 5 years what their citizens think of socialism. And FYI our "public" programs; Police, Firefighters, and teachers ALL used to be private sector jobs till the government got their hand involved and unionized them and made them "public works". Unions, while necessary for dangerous jobs like coal mining, construction, etc. , are the reason the prices of goods nation wide have skyrocketed in just 50 years from the 1960s to 2010. Example, milk in 1960 cost .25 cents. Now a gallon of milk is almost 4.00 dollars! That is a 1600 percent increase!!! And thats just milk! The unions keep raping companies with pay and benefits that the company has to pay out for years EVEN AFTER the employee retires. That means the company, inorder tonpay for these benefits and and ever increasing employee count, has to jack the prices up. That inturn makes all the other prices go up. So a union is a socialist idea, that while good for exposing the dangers of a work place, are destroying the economy and making it harder for people to afford everything because now YOUR employer has to increase your pay so you can afford a living. I know I was a part of a union and saw it happen first hand. So yea Bernie is a quack. He supports a political system that has brought nations to their knees. Venezuela, Russia, N.Korea, Cuba, the European union, Italy (After WW2), Greece, Spain, I can go on. ALL of these nations economy's are tanking because they turned to socialism. So yes we should be terrified of it.
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Seriously, where do people think were going to get the money for these "free" programs? We are going to be taxed to high hell. Isnt that why our founders fought Great Britain.....BECAUSE OF EXTREME TAXATION?!?! Look, it boils down to this, AS SOON as any individual in a socialist society realizes that they can slack off AND STILL make just as much as the next guy then the whole system collapses. Thats why it never works. It only allows the government to get bigger and create more "programs" that the government can use to know everyone's buisness. The government gets more power until it has so much that it can just do what it wants and if you get out of line then they will "correct" you. You want more wealth and freedom? Shrink the size of the government and get rid of all the waste and we will have mkre money for the poor and that means our taxes would go down to. but as long as we keep increasing the size of government the worst it will get.
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@Straightshooter oh boy this gona be fun. 馃榿 Hold on to your holster I will post a rebuttal in a moment. I'm at work currently but yeah I hope you can follow along lol. BTW are you a poli Sci major or something?
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Amazing ad campaign whether you agree with the politics or not!
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