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Hello and welcome to another episode with our kings! :D
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Chapter 3
For the next several days, you are kept busy with paperwork, meetings for the company and English tutoring the trainees. Whenever you manage to catch a glimpse of any of the Big Bang boys, you're usually in proper office attire and hurrying to a meeting, making it difficult for you to stop and say a proper hello.
You've become quite famous within the company, to the point where even the receptionist that dogged you in the beginning, now properly greets you every morning when you walk in and every evening when you walk out. The staff that you usually work with always greet you and stop by your office just to say hello on a regular basis. Some of the female staff have enough gone as far as to ask for your advice on personal matters, claiming that you're the warmest and most welcoming individual they have ever met. You take a little pride in their words but keep it humble in order to prevent it from getting to your head. The President has even given you a raise after the first month of working.
A few weeks after the major meeting with UMG, you're given a five day mini vacation for completing so much work. After giving it much thought, you find yourself sprawled on your sofa, with a tub of ice cream and catching up on some Netflix, wearing nothing but a sweatshirt and basketball shorts.
Did it matter that it was only three in the afternoon?
No, because for once since you've come to Korea, you've been able to relax and not worry about the responsibilities of an adult.
“Maybe I should go to the movies?” You talk to yourself while shoving a spoonful of ice cream into your mouth. “Or even out to the mall.” You put the ice cream down and stretch just in time to hear your phone ring from across the room.
“What? Who the hell is calling me at this hour? Aishh.” you mutter to yourself as you make your way to the kitchen and pick up your phone.
“Hello?” you say in plain English, without bothering to look at the caller ID.
“Uh, hello? Did I call wong numba?” you hear from the other line and flinch at the heavy Korean accent trying to speak English.
“Sorry. Who is this?” you immediately switch back to Korean.
“Ah! It is you! Hi! It's me Dae-Sung!” the other line replies.
“Oh, hello. Um, how did you get my number?” you ask Dae-Sung while you moved mindlessly around your apartment.
“We, [Big Bang], had a meeting with the president the other day and he gave us your number in case we ever needed to reach you for business purposes.”
You furrowed your eyebrows, “Do you need something, sir?”
He laughed, “Yeah, have you eaten dinner yet? Because we're still holding you to grabbing a bite.”
You sigh and stare out the window, squinting at the the bright sunny day, “Around what time did you want to meet up?”
“Hmm, hold on,” he pulled away and said something to someone but with muffling going on, it was difficult to pinpoint the exchange of words and the owner of the voice he was talking to. “Ok, how about 7:30?” he breathed back into the phone.
“Sounds good, text me where to meet up and I'll be there,” you say then briefly exchange goodbyes.
<<Aishh, now I have to put on normal clothes and socialize.>> You kick yourself mentally.
“But then again, I'm not going out with regular guys!” You squeal and jump around as the fangirl within you controls your body. “What to wear, oh what to wear?”
After a warm shower and drying off your hair, search through your whole closet and debate with your inner demons about your fashion taste. Despite the long battle, you come to terms and settle for leggings, a long sleeve under your favorite cardigan, and knee high boots. You straighten your hair to perfection and keep your make up simple with mascara, winged eyeliner, and tinted lip balm. After bathing in scented lotion, you get a text from Dae-Sung, giving you the location of where he would be waiting for you.
Weaving in and out of crowds of downtown Seoul wasn't difficult when you had headphones in your ear, but also didn't prevent individuals from stopping to stare at you or point at you as you walked by.
“It's like they've never seen a foreigner before,” you mutter under your breath.
Coldplay seemed like the appropriate band to listen to in order to calm you down before a night with your idols. You didn't care much for letting people see you lip sing the lyrics, nor did you care much for letting people stare at you either; being different was a great sign because different always meant original.
It took a bit longer than expected but you managed to arrive at the restaurant that Dae-Sung text you. It looked like a Korean version of Olive Garden, except with a few traditional Korean touches via the decorations and atmosphere. And yet the weirdest aspect of the restaurant was the fact that it served French cuisine.
"Looks expensive," you mumble.
The moment you walk in, you're greeted by a waiter who held a hand out to stop you in your tracks.
“I'm sorry, but our tables in the back are reserved for a special party and all the seats in the front are taken, you'll have to wait for an hour in order to get a table,” the waiter spoke English with a heavy French accent.
“I already have a party waiting for me,” you reply with a shy smile.
“Oh? And who could that be?” the waiter raised in eyebrow in doubt.
“Hey, you made it!” A cheerful voice said behind you, “She's with us.”
The waiter nodded and lead the way. You turned around and saw Seung-Ri's mischievous smile beaming at you.
“Thank you for that,” you say with a grin back.
“Of course, you're luckily I got here a little late,” he laughed.
The waiter brought you and Seung-Ri to the furthest table of the restaurant where Dae-Sung, Tae-Yang, Ji-Yong, and TOP, were already waiting. Seung-Ri took a seat right in front of Ji-Yong, forcing you to sit between Ji-Yong and TOP.
You held your breath for a moment, adjusting yourself to the setting then took your spot and immediately felt the blood rushing to your face after catching a scent of all five sweet colognes in one whiff.
“Glad you could make it!” Dae-Sung laughed.
“Thank you for the invite,” you reply and nod to the rest of the guys to show your appreciation then quickly feel under dressed for the occasion when you notice how fashionable they all were.
“Aishh, I knew I should have worn something better,” you curse to yourself in a low mutter. <<No wonder the waiter gave me attitude.>>
TOP chuckles to himself, his deep vocals making your skin respond with goosebumps. “It's fine, you look fine, in fact, you look very comfortable,” he mutters to you. You smile shyly and tuck a lock of hair behind your ear.
“Are you always this formal?” Ji-Yong asks out of the blue. You look at him for a moment then gaze down with a finger on your lips and your thumb under your chin, reflecting back on your life for a moment in order to answer his question.
“No, I'm usually very active and spontaneous. I just get shy around humans,” you say with a shy giggle. TOP smirks.
“Really? You don't act shy at all,” Tae-Yang says while munching on a bread stick.
A louder giggle escapes your mouth, making your hands automatically cover your face. You remove your glasses then carefully clean them on your napkin, taking your time and keeping your eyes low, “at a business level, I tend to be more self-expressive and say everything that comes to mind, even in a room full of strangers. But at a personal level,” you stop and slide your glasses back to its home on your nose, “I tend to be on my own a lot more so I don't often say much in a social gathering unless being talked to. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy laughing and smiling like there's no limit, but if I think about it too much, I'll get the shy shivers and pop back into my shell.”
“I hope we don't make you feel shy,” Ji-Yong says once you finished. You laugh to yourself, making everyone smile.
“Bonne soir, shall I retrieve your menus?” another waiter with a heavy French accent says in Korean. He too was a foreigner but somehow couldn't keep his eyes off of you and only spoke to you. Everyone nods their heads with a “Oui.”
“Hope you're in the mood for French cuisine, it's delicious here,” Seung-Ri says as he takes a sip of wine. You smile in agreement and receive the menus from the awfully kind waiter.
“Aujourd'hui, l'especial cette le salade de poluet ou le poisson avec riz et legumes,” the waiter said with pride in his French tongue, taking the opportunity to try and hit on you.
“Ah, vraiment?” you reply blunty to the waiter without lifting your head and keeping your eyes on the menu.
“Oh? Vous parle Francais, mademoiselle?” the waiter edged on.
Before you could reply out of irritation, Ji-Yong began to order, followed by Dae-Sung and Tae-Yang. You exhale through your nose to release the annoyance you felt then close your menu, cross your legs, and gave the waiter a hard look.
“Je pouvir le salade de poluet, s'il vous plait,” you respond to the waiter without breaking eye contact. Being the last one to order, he quickly wrote down your order, gathered the menus with a nod and turned, but not before catching a glimpse of how cbad he was blushing as he walked away.
You ran a hand through your hair and took a sip of water and realized how quiet it had gotten. As you glance around, it became obvious that the guys were eyeing you.
“May I help you?” you say in flawless Korean.
“You're so cool, Noona,” Dae-Sung and Tae-Yong whispered.
“You made that guy so nervous when he was trying to flirt with you,” Seung-Ri said next.
“You speak French?” TOP, and Ji-Yong asked simultaneously.
You broke out laughing, so hard that you had to wrap your arms around your stomach when it began to ache. “First of all, please don't address me as Noona, it's a bit weird since I'm younger that all of you. Secondly, he got a little too cocky for my taste, and isn't really my type at all, and lastly, yeah, I speak French quite proficiently.”
“Do you want us to call you our little sister?” Tae-Yang asked with a light blush.
“But he didn't make you nervous?” Seung-Ri inquired.
“How many languages do you speak?” Ji-Yong threw in.
You continued to smile after figuring that it would be a game of twenty questions. “Little sister would be a bit weird too; no, he didn't make me nervous. If I get nervous, I start smiling to myself like a dork rather than sweating or messing with my fingers,” you look at Ji-Yong to answer his question, “I speak five. English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Korean. And that's only the beginning.”
“Wow, that's impressive,” Tae-Yang implied.
“Maybe you can teach Tabi hyung some Japanese,” Dae-Sung teased.
TOP blushed and smiled, “It would be an honor to be taught by a multi-lingual such as yourself,” he said to you. You smile brightly then proceed to listen to the guys joke around about their day and tell stories about what they had encountered online. Once you received your food, everyone dug in and shared. It felt like one big happy family, and they didn't make you feel any different.
Dae-Sung laughed the loudest, Tae-Yang shared the most jokes, Seung-Ri carried off conversations with his hyungs but constantly glanced over in your direction just to shoot you a wink, Ji-Yong kept quiet most of the time but shared his laughs as well, and TOP made quirky remarks and also kept glancing at you when you laughed at everything.
“Do you miss the States?” Seung-Ri asked.
“Yes, and no. I miss my friends and family, but I rather enjoy new things and new places. It's always been a passion. Plus, my heart has always been in Asia. I grew up with anime and a lot of Asian influences so it's nice to finally be involved in all this culture,” you reply.
“What's your favorite thing to do for fun?” Tae-Yang looked at you with a bright smile.
“It varies on my mood. I can spend the whole day sleeping, listening to music, and watching movies or I can go out on adventures. Musical concerts are always fun too. I guess you can say I'm a well rounded person,” you giggle shyly.
“What kind of food do you like?” Dae-Sung followed up.
“I'll try anything once, you never know right? I can cook almost anything I set my mind on, but I can't really pick a favorite dish off the top of my head.”
“Where in the States did you live before coming here?” Ji-Yong said randomly.
“In the golden state of California.”
All the guys sighed, “We did a music video in Santa Monica, have you been there?” Tae-Yang asked.
“Once, but it wasn't my favorite place to go, it's too public.”
“What do you enjoy instead?” TOP took a turn in playing the game.
“There's a beach by San Francisco that is extremely close to the woods. It's secluded and peaceful, I absolutely love it there and would visit when I had spare time between school and work.”
The waiter comes back and picks up the plates, then gives you a big slice of chocolate mousse cake, “On the house,” he says with a wink and turns away.
“Aishh, my one true weakness, chocolate,” you mutter and place your hands over your heart, attempting a cute aegyo. All the guys laugh, even Ji-Yong smiles at you and chuckles to himself. You offer some to everyone but they all shake their head, leaving you with the slice of cake. “Come on, I can't just eat it by myself!”
“Then don't eat it,” Tae-Yang says.
You cover your face then peek at him through your fingers, “I can't do that either. I either have to put this cake out of its misery by eating it or have my own heart broken by walking away.” You offer them a piece again and they all decline, then catch Dae-Sung staring at the slice.
You bite your lip then scoot the plate towards him, “Can you help me eat this?” You ask while giving him an innocent look.
“No, the waiter gave it to you,” he replied back, crossing his arms and leaning back on the chair.
“Please, oppa? For your little sister?” you smile sweetly.
“Aishh, I'll have some for him,” Tae-Yang caves.
Dae-Sung laughs, “Fine, but only because hyung gave in first." And the three of you dig in with Seung-Ri, Ji-Yong, and TOP chuckling in the background.
“You sure know how to win people over,” Ji-Yong smiles at you. You shrug and smile back.
“So. What is your type?” Seung-Ri asks.
“Type of what?” you look at him while picking up your glass of water.
“Type of guy,” he clarifies. You choke on the water and begin coughing. They all look at you with panicked expressions but you wave your hands to motion that you're okay, then feel your cheeks begin to burn.
“Why do you ask?” you say shyly once you regain your voice.
“Well you mentioned you had a type, so it made curious.”
You can feel all eyes on you and the fact that you were flushed didn't help your situation. But like a fairy godmother looking over your shoulder, your phone begins to ring, allowing you to excuse yourself to answer the call.
As you made your way outside, you looked back and saw Tae-Yang smack Seung-Ri's shoulder. You smile to yourself then look back at your phone, it was your best friend.
“I swear, you have like spider man senses that alerts you whenever I'm in desperate need,” you answer once you're outside.
“Hey girl- wait what? What's going on?” she laughed.
“It's kind of a long story but the main point was that I was getting asked what type of guys I preferred, and it caught me completely off guard.”
She laughed harder, “Oh boy, I can only imagine. Well, sounds like you're busy so just call me back when you're finished up.” You can hear the smirk in her voice.
“Well when you put it that way,” you giggle. “I'll call you in a bit.”
Entering the restaurant once again, you shiver violently and hug yourself, only to catch Tae-Yang seeing your reaction. You blush then quietly seat yourself back between the shy but smiling Ji-Yong, and the nonchalant TOP.
“Sorry, I thought it was business related,” you bow lightly.
“It's alright, we know you have things going on,” Ji-Yong addresses with a sweet smile.
“So, back to the subject,” Seung-Ri says with a smirk.
You straighten up, recross your legs under the table then place your intertwined hands on your lap and smile at his challenge. “I do not believe I know you well enough to provide such personal information, sir,” you smirk.
“Ooo!” Tae-Yang and Dae-Sung laugh.
“Well then, I guess we'll just have to get well acquainted,” Seung-Ri winks at you.
You break out laughing as a way to hide your blushing face in your hands. <<That is definitely the Panda that any VIP knows!>> You think while trying to compose yourself again.
“You shouldn't be making her uncomfortable,” TOP says while eyeing you curiously.
“No no, I wouldn't say that it's uncomfortable, it just catches me off guard with how serious he is about the topic,” you answer as you wipe away a tear and adjust your glasses.
“Off guard? But you had such a professional posture,” Tae-Yang says.
“I'll be honest with all of you since we're working together.” All of their body postures shift towards you, Dae-Sung and Seung-Ri even lean in a bit closer. You run a hand through your hair, making it fall carelessly over your shoulder. “I'm really shy.”
“Really? Every time I see you, you give off a lot of confidence,” Ji-Yong raises an eyebrow.
“That's because we were always in a formal setting, like the conference meeting.”
“So how come you're smiling and being open now?” TOP asked.
You smile and scratch your head, “I have a weird habit of smiling like an idiot whenever I get nervous about something.”
“So does that mean you're nervous right now?” Tae-Yang leaned further inward.
“Aishh, well, not so much right now, but I was earlier.”
“But didn't you say that you were a VIP for a long time? What's making you nervous?” Seung-Ri takes a turn to poke at you.
You giggle, “Were? I still am, it's the fact that I enjoy the music that BigBang produces and everything you all have achieved that lead me to feel nervous. I'm meeting my idols for peeps sake,” you cover your face with a hand and smile into your palm.
“Idols? We're you're idols? I've never felt so honored!” Dae-Sung laughed.
“I guess we're going to have to continue working hard to maintain your view of us as idols,” Ji-Yong leaned back on his chair and bit his lip before smiling.
You could physically feel every barrier of shyness and protectiveness come down at your table. The guys were all smiling at you while you blushed and prayed to find a rock to crawl under. These were the guys that influenced you to memorize lyrics in a different tongue and by some strange magic in the works, they had accepted you into their small knit family.
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omg this chapter had me laughing 😂😂😂😂totally enjoyed it anymore chapters???? ❤❤❤❤
Oh man I'm really enjoying this. it's such an interesting story because of the background and where it starts. I love how we get a glimpse of the business aspect of it and oh my goodness the guys are too much. Haha 21 questions hilarious!!!
It's scary how accurate this is with personality wise. I can just imagine myself too! 😊
I know Spanish, English, and I'm trying to learn Mandarin and Korean so yay!! And Seungri to be honest you are my bias, but Taeyang is my ideal type..
@JaeneashaJones No, I'm debating on whether or not I should put it on wattpad but I'm going to wait until I get close to the end to see how the novel works out because I'm going to go back and edit. @KDSnKJH Who said anything about who the bias was in this story? 😉❤ #foreshadowplottwist #Ijuatruinedthesurprise #sorrynotsorry
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