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Okay, seriously, this is such an adorable and heart-wrenching story. This story might just make you cry like a baby and be totally okay with it.

A hard situation.

At Jersey City's Liberty State Park, two stray dogs were seen hanging around — one black dog and one brown dog. A police officer tried to capture the two before a winter storm hit, and the black dog lunged at the police officer. Out of self-defense, the police officer shot the black dog in the neck. The two dogs then ran off.

Loyalty wins.

The two dogs stayed together through the winter storm. After a few days, the two dogs were found together in a trap the police officers had set to help capture the dogs to get them to safety. The injured black dog was immediately taken to a veterinarian and treated — the gunshot wound did not affect any vital organs and the dog was completely fine. While the black dog, who was named "Braveheart," was away, the brown dog, named "Faithful," cried for his friend. The two dogs were very trained the dogs are now available for adoption.

A great ending to a tough situation!

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😭 this is so precious!!! dogs are probably the most loyal animals ever