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RT @ChungMinCho: 밤에만 꿈꾸는 사람은… 낮에도 꿈꾸는 사람을 못 따라갑니다. RT @ChungMinCho: Person who dreams at only at night… Cannot compare to the person who dreams even during the day. (23 hours ago) RT @ChungMinCho: 내가 인생과 세상의 중심이라고 생각하는 동안에는… 일생 어떤 중심에도 이를 수가 없습니다. RT @ChungMinCho: While you think of yourself as the center of the world... You cannot arrive to the center of anything in life. (1 hour ago) RT @ChungMinCho: 약속은 어려워서 못 지키는 것이 아니라 사랑이 식어서 지키고 싶지 않을 뿐입니다. RT @ChungMinCho: Promises aren't broken because it's hard to keep; They are broken because love has cooled, and you don't want to keep the promise. (1 hour ago) 并不是因为困难所以不能遵守约定,而是人们变冷淡了不想遵守约定而已 :^) it wasn't because the promise was too difficult to keep, but instead it's because people has grown to be indifferent through time and chose not to keep the promise: ^) (1 hour ago) 富饶比贫困更危险,诱惑比压迫更危险 @ChungMinCho Being rich more dangerous than being poor, the temptation is more dangerous than the pressure @ChungMinCho (1 hour ago) 人生中所谓自由的生活,不是对什么都不关心的生活,而是只关心一个人的生活。 @ChungMinCho The so-called freedom of life, is not like not caring about nothing in life, but rather caring only about one person's life. @ChungMinCho (1 hour ago) Thanks Jeff. Hope i see you soon. God bless :^) (28 minutes ago) With Rev.Chungmin Cho. (13 minutes ago)