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Yes, you read that headline correctly. There is an island off of the coast of Japan that has hundreds of rabbits who are just as friendly as can be and it's a huge tourist attraction. Who wouldn't want to go visit Rabbit Island?

It's called Okunoshima.

This island is located in the Inland Sea off of the coast of Japan. So why are the rabbits there? Well, it's actually a morbid story. The island was used for poison testing between 1930 and 1945. Historians believe that the test subjects included rabbits and then the rabbits never left, even though the poison testing stopped. Now, the rabbits are living freely and frolicking around the island with all of the tourists.
Watch this amazing feature on Rabbit Island, brought to you by Great Big Story.
Japanese officials have banned cats and dogs from the island to help protect the rabbits. However, humans are more than welcome to come and spend time with the adorable furrballs.

I will now be saving up for a trip to Rabbit Island. Anyone want to join?

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Definitely my dream home!!!! Depressants would never be needed again!!! lol
@nicolejb @JordanNash I'll move with you guys
the more the merrier!!! @EmilyPeacock
@2Distracted @EmilyPeacock definitely! Everyone is invited!!
Woo Hoo BUNNYLAND here we come!!! I'll bring the lettuce!!!