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I'm so disappointed in some Starlight's right now. I was re-watching Vixx's 3rd Anniversary video for the 90000000000th time, and I scrolled to the comments section. Nearly ALL of them, were claiming Hongbin was rude. They were all saying he was mean to the members and that he should feel bad for speaking to them that way. Some were even saying they hope he gets kicked out of Vixx.
Umm.....HELLO?!?! HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN HOW THE MAN ACTS!! THE ENTIRETY OF VIXX SAID THAT HONGBIN IS THE NICEST PERSON OUT OF ALL THE MEMBERS!!!!!! Hongbin's personality may be a little odd, but it's obvious that he's not serious. Playfully teasing them occasionally it perfect alright! They all would do the same with him in a heartbeat. I seriously question how people like that consider themselves fans. How can someone say there a fan of the group, but then criticize a member like that? I couldn't imagine Vixx without Hongbin, and I don't believe the members could either.
I realize this is just a rant. It just broke my heart too see Hongbin pushed under the rug like that. I needed to vent to someone. It makes me sad to think there are people like that. I just hope that the members know how great they all are. Vixx wouldn't be complete without one of them! <3
They're always teasing and picking on each other. It's just one of the quirks that you have to accept from VIXX. That's why I love them, Hongbin especially, bless his heart.
Awww i didnt know people were saying things like that! he's such an awkward sweetheart!
lol it's funny how they don't bash on N when he's always neck chopping the members and acting mad when they make fun of him. No one's perfect and can be nice all the time. people need to find better things to do then bully kpop idols smh I love hongbin and N β€πŸ˜‚
He isn't rude he is just sassy! πŸ™Œ