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Okay, so as I type this I am preparing myself for all the hate I'm about to get as backlash. Cause I just know that some of you are going to be completely pissed at what I'm about to say, but I feel it needs to be said. And honestly, before a little earlier this year I probably would have agreed with you all but I've comes to terms with my conflicted feelings on this matter. Besides, I'm getting sick and tired of reading all the complaints and hate about his site. EDIT: Surprisingly, I have received no negative backlash. Interesting.


A site that we all love to hate. Well, I don't but I'm sure most of you do because of the post they make. Moving on, I don't necessarily like to stick up for Koreaboo but at the moment I feel the need to because they get so much hate but I don't think they're all that bad. I mean sure they post things with misleading titles, but who doesn't? The media always does things like this to get attention. We all have to remember that Koreaboo gets most of their post and information from PANN which is a forum used by netizens. Now usually I would frown upon things like this because these forums can be pretty malicious towards the idols I love, but lately I've changed my mind. Post like the ones Koreaboo makes actually keep us well informed about the ongoings in and out of our fandoms. They lets us know about all the drama, fandom wars and rumors being spread in Korea about the people we love. To some of you, this may seem like a bad thing but for me it's kind of opened my eyes. It helps us a lot to know the stuff that our idols are being subjected to because just like we're reading these post, they could be too. It prepares us so that when the times comes we can support them properly and let them know that their fans are always by their sides. So... that's pretty much all I have to say. Wait... No, if you want hardcore facts minus the gossip go to Soompi. You'll find yourself much happier on that site.
ㅋㅋㅋ...we only talk trash about them because they don't fact check... its just a tabloid... fun to read but don't put much weight in their stories without looking for proof 👍
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I like their articles actually. Some of them are very informative, like the one about Twice and their latest controversy with their Taiwan member. Some are pretty entertaining as well. Plus their articles aren't too long, so they're perfect for those of us who don't have time to sit on a computer and read gossip all day.
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I respect koreaboo for getting their articles out so quickly and managing to stay organized and have you seen their site it's pretty it's still a media outlet competing with other media sources so they're going to use eye grabbing titles do they overdo it? yes but what do you expect as a previous intern I mean everyone works really hard and as for the integrity of the work? well I think it's pretty legit. facts are usually right its just the titles that make a lot of people mad and FOR GOODNESS SAKE SOME OF THE POSTS ARE TRANSLATIONS FROM PANN ITS A FORUM SITE - THIS DOES NOT REFLECT UPON THE VIEWS OF KOREABOO yes yes it might make your favorite artist look bad or something but it's better to be aware than thrown in the dark right???
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@MorganElisabeth yeah but if enough children on social media rise up and say and think the same shit and start a fan war, it still causes damage. Yes we may be able to understand what's ridiculous and what isn't, but it's the idols that get hurt in the end. If I wrote a post about how I think so and so treats his hyung badly and 500 14 year olds repeat it, is an idol going to look up each and everyone's age? The fact that they're so young and ignorant should be frightening and a reason to keep them away from these things. We don't need the blind leading the blind, idols have it rough enough.
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