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Time for another category!! In this case, we're taking a look at male idol groups who have gained lots of recognition from the time of their debut to their first comeback. All groups are stars (of course), but here we're talking about groups that are on the fast track to popularity!!

The Nominees:

1. Madtown - OMGT


3. HOTSHOT - Watch Out

4. Seventeen - Mansae

5. Monsta X - Rush

6. N.Flying - Lonely

7. iKON - Apology

8. UP10TION - Catch Me

There are lots to choose from, so please be sure to check out the MVs below before you decide ^^

Voting Rules:

*These rules will change depending on the category*

1. If voting, you must listen to all of the songs before making your final decision.

2. Personal biases should be put aside, this is not a popularity contest; this is voting to determine who you think released a better song.

3. When you have decided who you want to vote for please write your vote in the comments section. (It would be highly appreciated if you also tell us why you voted for that particular song!)

Madtown - OMGT

These guys made their debut in 2014. Fun fact: members Moos and Buffy, originally debuted as the hip hop duo Pro C in 2013.


UNIQ is a five member group that debuted in 2014. Fun fact: three members are Chinese.

HOTSHOT - Watch Out

This six member group made their debut on Halloween of 2014. Fun fact: there's a member named Kid Monster.

Seventeen - Mansae

Clearly the largest group on this list, SEVENTEEN has a total of 13 members. They've been around since 2015 and were the first group to debut via an hour-long showcase on a major broadcasting network.

Monsta X - Rush

Monsta X debuted in 2015. Fun fact: the members were chosen via a survival reality show called No Mercy.

N.Flying - Lonely

These guys actually debuted way back in 2013 (for Japanese promotions, at least), but their Korean debut was delayed in 2015. Fun fact: member Kim Jae-Hyung is Rainbow leader Jaekyung's younger brother.

iKON - Apology

iKon came into the spotlight as Team B on YG Entertainment's survival shows. They made their official debut (finally) in 2015. Fun fact: the 'C' in their name was replaced with a 'K' because YG wanted them to be an icon in Korea.

UP10TION - Catch Me

This ten member group debuted in 2015 under TOP Media. Fun fact: their first album debuted at number 9 and peaked at number 7 on Gaon Album Chart.

N.Flying Lonely im too far up BTS' ass to venture into other groups but i think I'll look more into them. it was really nice
Oooo so many I would like to choose. But I'll have to say Monsta X-Rush
Even thought I love Monsta X, I think N. Flying and Lonely did the best job.
ikon .... the lyrics
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