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The Rockets are living the treadmill life, as they are running nowhere fast.
Less than a year removed from the Western Conference Finals, Houston can't seem to put things together this year. The West is loaded at the top. It will take a lot of work for this team to push themselves to the point of championship contention this year.
With talented pieces on hold with expiring contracts, should Houston try to make a push or break the team up and rebuild?
The Rockets have a couple intriguing pieces that could be available and be considered solid assets for teams trying to make a push.
Dwight Howard will be a free agent, but teams looking for a player that may push them over the top may be willing to make a move for his services for the rest of the year. While Howard is in his prime (and likely reached his max potential) where he stands right now is enough to push certain teams over the top. He is a great rebounder, finisher and rim defender. Toronto could offer a lottery projected pick and a young asset. How could they past that up if they are looking to rebuild?
Trevor Ariza could also be a nice piece to add to certain teams. He can shoot the ball and defend multiple positions at a high level. For teams looking to add a strong wing player, Trevor could pull a nice return.

Should the Rockets break up this team and rebuild?

Well once they fired Kevin McHale I knew their season wasn't going to go anywhere. They ought to unload that coach killer and start planning for the future.
@KyleBerke Agreed!
I don't know about breaking the whole team but definitely get rid of Howard!