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The Bulls have been a mess this year.
The team changed coaches this off-season, hoping a new system would take their solid roster to the next level.
The opposite has happened though, as the Bulls have presented a much weaker product this season on both sides of the floor. Is it time to move some players and shake up this unit?
With Chicago heading into the All-Star break having lost 13 of their past 18 games and sliding to seventh in the East with a 27-25 record.
At this point, the realization has to come from the front office that this group does not have enough to win with. Changes are in order. Moves have to be made with the trade deadline approaching Feb. 18.
The big problem is that the pieces they have that hold value are banged up. Noah is out for the season and Taj Gibson is hobbled with a ankle injury. Pau is playing great basketball, but how much will a team return for a player who is 35 years old? What direction is this team looking to go in with the pieces they do keep as well?

Is it time for the Bulls to shake up the roster?

@sanRico Wow ungrateful SOB!
@mchlyang yea thats what i heard for more money
Nothing against Fred Hoiberg but firing Thibodeau was a huge mistake. It's time for the Bulls to make some major changes because things will only get worse.
I don't know about a shakeup but they ned to look into a long term plan to get another ring or else they're going to run into the same problem that the Knicks have been facing for the past couple of years.
@sanRico I think they need to accept the fact that Derrick Rose can't bring the team together and although they may have Jimmy Butler, they are going to need more than that!
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