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**SPOILERS** **CONTINUE AT OWN RISK** **IT WILL RUIN THIS MOMENT FOR YOU** **FINAL WARNING! SPOILERS** Okay. Now for those who are still here, let's discuss what happened this week. So I'm watching ERASED after what felt like days at work today and I'm like "This bastard went after Airi. Please be okay," when I Remember what happened on the last episode. I know he's just trying to cover his own ass but come on. I can't help but feel like he's purposely targeting people Satoru cares about.
But thankfully she survived and avoided serious injury. But the police still think Satoru killed his mother and now tried to take out Airi to tie up loose ends by killing his accomplice (how deep does their stupidity run?). But Airi escaped from hospital with the help of her mother and set up a meeting with Satoru. The police follow her and apprehend Satoru and she cries and apologizes for not being more careful etc., etc. Then THIS happens...
And I'm all like...
HE SAW HIM!! Moment got me like Patrick lol. I'm sitting there on the edge of my seat (literally) waiting to see what happens next or how Satoru reacts and then the ending theme starts playing. And I'm all like "WHAT? You can't just throw something like that in our faces and then end the episode. Not cool bro. Seriously." I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING. THESE WEEKS ARE KILLING ME. This is like the first time I've been this impatient with an anime releasing new episodes. I think I can honestly say I love this show. It's almost like there just isn't enough of it each week. And I love that and hate it too. Anyway if you haven't checked this show out yet DO IT. And I apologize for spoiling this moment for you lol. (Though you did keep reading so it's on you ) Let me know your reaction to the episode and how you cope with the waiting period between episodes lol. The struggle is real man
@CreeTheOtaku that's what site I watch it on so yeah lol 馃榿
It's anime that premiered this season. Watch it. It's amazing. Trust me. It's still ongoing though
I'm sorry to asked but what's erased?
@MajahnNelson do you think it might be on kissanime?