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Over the past year, I have come to the conclusion that Justin Bieber isn't that bad.
I mean, some songs are pretty catchy.. and the ladies dig him. Who am I to hate on the kid.
Everyone seems to be inspired by Bieber, including 29 celebrities who have turned his hit song "Sorry" into a heartfelt drama to move the souls of the masses.
In this new video from Vanity Fair, 29 celebrities do their best to turn the pop hit into high drama, to varying degrees of success.
Is this odd? Yes. Is this song catchy??? My god yes. Was this video well deserved? You damn right.
Keep cranking out those hits Bieber. We will continue to find ways to pay homage to your classic gems.
Lmao Natasha Lyonne's accent was my favorite part of this.
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wait the last 30 seconds made me DIEEE hahahahhaa
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