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dat jawline tho
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@ParkMinRin13 "No one is that good looking in reality" I think she meant He is too good looking to be in reality, you know? like some kind of a compliment...
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babyface? please what photos have they been looking at. 😍 😂😂 the comment "no ones that good looking in reality" -_- what? are we all just imagining the same kind of Kookie?.. if so please stop... its creepy.. 😂😂 just kidding 😆
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Baby faced men are adorable and sexy at the same time. I think she meant in real life it's hard to find these men. Everyone I meet looks way older than they are... Probably the beards they all have though :(
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I would love to date and marry him but chu know *dies* I keep becoming a ghost every time I see him
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