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The fast food world has been a blood bath in the past year.
It's a no holds barred fight for our dollar right now. McDonalds has slipped into the breakfast all-day world to grab hold of our money. Burger King has witnessed the effect that had on the market and is ready to shake the game up as well, as they will add hot dogs to their menu.
On February 23, Burger King is rolling out what they’re calling the “Whopper of hot dogs” to all U.S. locations, which will come in two varieties: the Classic Grilled Hot Dog, topped with relish, chopped onions, ketchup, and mustard for $1.99, and a Chili Cheese Dog for $2.29.
According to Fortune, the company spent a year and a half perfecting a “product reminiscent of an outdoor barbecue,” with grill marks and everything.
Is America ready for the fast food hot dog?