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Here is 1cm의 자존심 off of MAMAMOO's first album and I am loving the funk that this song is bringing with it. The song has a unique style just like the girls and shows that they can really conquer anything.
I admit at first listen I wasn't really feeling the song but I didn't hate it. I just didn't have any thoughts or really know what to think about it. But after listening a couple of times I really started to feel the song and vibes it was bringing with it.
I mean it's about short girls and as a fellow short girl I also always making fun of my height. But it doesn't mean I'm not also proud of the full 5'3" that I am, which is roughly 160cm soooo I'm sorta in between short and not all that short.
Anywho I also want to mention that this song and the way it was made reminded me of of my favorite iLLionaire rappers (mainly because I listen to them a lot). This song and mv bring out a style that I feel is similar to Dok2 and Beenzino.

But I just want to say at the 2:26 mark I started to thing of another song. *Let me know if you think of another song as well and what it is*

Anywho, as for how they remind me of Dok2, I think they have the same kind of spunk to them. Joon Kyung oppa is just as spunky and fun as Mamamoo is if not more and I'm willing to bet on the more. Dok2 and I are allegedly about the same height (but since I am unfortunate to meet him in person I'm not sure but his description does lead him to be 5'3") and he owns it proudly and stands tall in the rap game with his skills.
As for Beenzino, I think he has quite a bit in common with Mamamoo since everything they dip their feet into is amazing. I love it especially when Beenzino features on other artists songs. It's like he showcasing his talents as an artist for me to love him even more.
I would be so willing and hopeful of a future collaboration between them.....
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love these ladies.. YES YES YES to anything they do
The song is a bit annoying but still cute. I like Mamamoo so I'll give it a few more listens. The orange jumpsuits reminded me of Teen Top in Miss Right. 😃
I honestly love the song and the video was hilarious, when they imitated Jessi i died plus its not their official comeback they were just making fun of each others height
Yes 😂
Late lol. Yes I liked the song but the video was weird to me. Girl I'm barely 5 foot. I wish I was taller at my age.😂😂😂😂😂