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Have you ever noticed we get so wrapped up in everyday life we forget to put our needs first? In our 20s, we figure we should have everything together. When am I going to get that career job? Will I ever be able to forward a decent car? When will I have the extra cash/credit to begin my life long dream home? Only, this isn't a dream. Stress can play a big role on your health. By health I mean mentally and physically. Stress can lead up to depression/ anxiety and I know a lot of poeple who suffer from these disorders. Everyone wants to dump their issues on you, but what about when you as a person need something to escape this world we live in. There are many ways to keep yourself healthy and stress free. The gym is a glorious place to begin. It helps to relieve that extra stress from everyday life and also you're working towards a goal. I know what you're thinking? Me, at the gym. What if I see someone I know? What if someone stares at me? WHO CARES? Life is about taking chances and dominating those chances. Another way I find relieves stress is crafting. When was the last time you decoarated or painted something? Those little things bring a ray of sunshine to the heart and home. CLEAN. Reorganizing your home or room can brighten up your life. Read a novel, magazine, or newspaper. Knowledge is power. Always be willing to learn. Sex can take away stress also. Don't let stress take over you. Do yourself a favor and don't worry. Everything happens in due times. xoxo Lex
I like cooking to manage my stress
I LOVE cleaning, and it helps me clear out all the frustrations of my daily life. I have this book (I'm so nerdy) called The Life‑Changing Magic of Tidying Up. it's AMAZING
@AlexiaSmith love it! I'm a very stressed person naturally, so I have to be very conscious about managing it. It's not always easy! But exercising, eating right, and keeping in touch with the people I love all help a ton :) great tips!!