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How Nesquik Makes Its Cereal
Thank goodness I wasn't the only kid who saw bunny poop for the first time and thought "Oh gross, it's like Cocoa Puffs from a butt." (Don't judge me. You know you made this connection once too.)
What was your favorite cereal growing up? I'm still laughing at the fact that some kids used to eat a cereal that was essentially just a bowl of super tiny chocolate chip cookies and called it 'breakfast'.
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childhood :3 ahhh
a year ago·Reply
@mrsjeon The poops or the cereal?
a year ago·Reply
both lol
a year ago·Reply
@mrsjeon Bahahaha, did you own any bunnies?
a year ago·Reply
nope but my brother and his girlfriend did and I would go over a lot ewe one day I was eating the cereal and the bunny was pooping and omf
a year ago·Reply