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Thank goodness I wasn't the only kid who saw bunny poop for the first time and thought "Oh gross, it's like Cocoa Puffs from a butt." (Don't judge me. You know you made this connection once too.)
What was your favorite cereal growing up? I'm still laughing at the fact that some kids used to eat a cereal that was essentially just a bowl of super tiny chocolate chip cookies and called it 'breakfast'.
I killed me some cinnamon toast crunch and count chocula when I was a kid, lol
@Danse ...when you were a kid? *cough* I totally eat the Cinnamon Toast Crunch now. An 8 year old is a great excuse...especially when he doesn't eat much of the cereal to begin with. Lol! :P
@ButterflyBlu Well, yeah my cereal tastes have changed over the years. I like more whole grain stuff now, but I still sugar stuff up so it's really a strange never ending battle. 馃槀
Honey bunches of oats and others like it... I was a healthy kid with a slight sweet tooth... or anything chocolate
nope but my brother and his girlfriend did and I would go over a lot ewe one day I was eating the cereal and the bunny was pooping and omf
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