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Park Min Young is my 2nd favorite female actress!

1st Drama

I first met Park Min Young in "City Hunter" and fell for her acting skills. I wanted to see other dramas she was in and coincidentally I had an interest in watching "Healer" at the time and realized right away that the main lead was her.


I loved her so much in "Healer". She moved up to the 2nd place spot in my Top actresses list because of how well she did in this drama. She shows great emotions and plays the roles well. She has great chemistry with whoever she acts with especially with Ji Chang Wook (OTP)! She pulls off short hair as well as long hair.
She is so gorgeous, funny and is very natural when acting. Here are some pictures of her beauty.

Park Min Young is my 2nd Female Crush Friday this February!

Omg I so didn't connect that, I loved her in Healer and City Hunter!!! I think she's in Remember and I'm loving her in that as well
Great choise!! I love her in Healer!
@merryjayne13 @chongx I plan to watch her in Remember soon
i like her so much in city hinter but i dont see her in ather drama
Good choice!! She is so pretty and talented!
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