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So... I forgot my post yesterday, and Tuesday... 죄송합니다 However, I will post both day two, three & four today, and be on track for tomorrow.... Yes? 예 Here we go again:

Tuesday: Favorite Sub-Group

My favorite sub group is difficult to choose, especially considering how much I love EXO. However, I ended up choosing...


I find myself always picking Kai, D.O., Chanyeol, and Suho as biases when forced to choose from EXO, so it makes sense that EXO-K would be my choice... However, I also find that a few of their songs get stuck easily in my head.

Wednesday: Favorite EXO - M Ship:

For this, I chose...


I just can't with these two... And I can just imagine after Kris left Lay wandering around all mopey, and I just. My hearteu.

Thursday: Favorite EXO - K Ship

This one was easy, but I definitely have a runner-up choice as well....


Is my favorite. By far. I just please be lovely forever. They are also my favorite ship in EXO.
Runner-Up: Baekyeol!! Gotta love these two, right? Bacon&Eggs 5ever.
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