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Just wanted to let everyone know... Boruto is FINALLY DVD quality with English subtitles on kissanime.com !!!!!!! I've been waiting for this day forever!! I've already watched it so many times in crap video recorded quality. I'm currently watching the dvd quality. So excited! ❤️❤️
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@tec96 caught up with the manga
i wonder if naruto will take his son to learn nature chakra with the toad sage like he did
Of course he will!! Or Sasuke will teach him Lord Fourth's jutsu!! @GokuSama
he didn't even teach his son how to use shadow clone jitsu @UzumakiJess @GokuSama
Naruto doesn't have time 2 teach his son anything rly, bc of his position as Hokage. He might 1 day teach Boruto some things, but I think more likely than not he'll leave most of the teaching up 2 Sasuke & others. If he wants Boruto 2 learn the nature chakra, he might just find a toad friend he can learn from instead or use shadow clones.