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some time make expectation to some person to look at once with love but if she/ he does nt give any sign of love or see you this is our reaction ..... human nature :-p
Or when a person walks by that you really hate but you try to be the better person so you smile and ask them how they are. But when they walk off you just glare in disgust.
hahaha this is like always me and my friends. sometimes I do weird dance moves to get their attention too!
@danidee there are a couple people I do that to. Like in my friend group we all don't like this one person but we let her hang out with us and stuff. I don't hate many people but the few I do hate I try to get along with because I hate drama.
Hahaha @JessicaFerrier Does that happen often to you?
yup that's even true @jessica ferrier