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TOP is known for being himself... I think he is cute as hell... when he wasn't even trying
TOP: I don't think I ever do ↝Aeygo↜ stuffs. Really TOP look at your innocent face.. that is super cute!!
TOP: Acting cute are just not my style.
TOP: I really don't ...
TOP: Not ever.
TOP: Those cute act won't happen on me
TOP: I am the big brother ...being the oldest in my group...I always being mature. Today is ★Big Bang Community 2nd Marathon★ ↝Aeygo Thursday↜
Oppa, you'll be the death of me 😍❤❤😭❤❤❤
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Ah the magnificent Bingu TOP in his natural habitat...
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@MaeLyn True so true😆😆😆😆
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Haha I love him so much!! ♡😁😂😄😆
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