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His eyes, my god his eyes are beautiful and his lips I bet he's a good kisser. In my opinion Key and Jonghyun have very strong sex appeal. But OMG his voice it's like velvet sweet chocolate. He can hit those high notes and he has a sultry sexy tone that OMG I just can't his voice is pure extacy..he is one of my favorite vocalists.
He can be so cute, and funny, I love he likes anime. But one of my major reasons for having such a high respect for this man is how he voiced his opinion on homosexuals and supports the community. I mean just like Key taking time to give a shout out to a fan who is having a hard time and their telling them to stay strong and stuff. Yeah ya see why I love them.
Kim Jonghyun and Kim Taehyung I think would sound amazing together...but their voices mesh well with anyone but I would love to have those two do a collaboration..
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Jonghyun is a shortie with a lot of sexiness. I agree with you. Taehyung and Jonghyun would make a great collab!πŸ‘Œ