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Well, now that the Super Bowl is over, let's get excited for baseball season!

As I've told many people, baseball is my favorite sport. It is indeed the love of my life and I can outright say that although I'm sad football season is over, I am so excited that baseball season will be starting very soon. And even though we haven't played a single game, my friends and I are already talking about who we think is going to win the 2016 World Series. My answer?

The San Francisco Giants.

So to honor all the Giants fans out there, (this one's for you @ChristopherKenn), here is a card dedicated to fans that speak Giants as their second language.

1. Even Year

Enough said right? Just in case you don't know what this means for Giants fans, the Giants are good on even years. I mean really good (well I guess since 2010). Anyways, they are so good that the Giants have won the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Now you know why Giants fans are excited that it's an even year - 2016.

2. Wearing Orange and Black in October!

Why are Giants fans rocking orange and black in October? Well I can say one thing for sure. It has nothing to do with Halloween or autumn. They are just showing their favorite team their full support!

3. Work? No Victory Parade!

I mean fans could get tired of going to a victory parade if they win a World Series ring every two years...but not the Giants fans. Your boss would definitely understand if you took a day off to attend the victory parade. Employers should be prepared this year since it's an even year.

4. Hunter Pence's Stolen Scooter

Giants fans know Hunter Pence loves his scooter. He loves it so much that he doesn't go to work by taking his car like all the other players. Instead, he pulls out his scooter and rides it to work. So when his scooter was stolen and he asked for help on Twitter, every Giants fan went on searching for Pence's scooter. And eventually...a fan found it! It was a collective effort by the entire Giants fan base.

5. Beat L.A.

There is nothing you hate more than the Dodgers if you are a Giants fan. So, you don't care if the Dodgers are playing a different team. A Dodgers' loss is as good as a Giants' win. And if the Giants are playing the Dodgers? They better win, because those games against the Dodgers are the most important games of the season. BEAT LA!

Any Giants fans out there? You guys think the Giants will win this year's World Series?

@ChristopherKenn That is so exciting! Your son would remember his first ever ballgame for the rest of his life. I still remember my first one! And yes....a Giants vs Yankees matchup would be very, very exciting!
@mchlyang thanks for the card. I am very excited about baseball every year but this being an even number and my son being old enough to go and enjoy a game makes it extra exciting. it would be definitely interesting to see the cubs and giants fight it out for a shot to the world series and face off against the Yankees
@mchlyang my Cubbies are taking this one :P
And personally I think the Yankees might make it to the World Series this year for the AL
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