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WARNING: First chapter does not have any smut but future chapters may or may not have smut. This is a Markson fanfic but I might throw in a little JJ project along the way or some of the others just to spice it up a little bit.
(JYP Dance Studio) I heard we were gonna get a new trainee today, Jackson said getting ready to start practicing. Yeah and he's from LA, Jaebum said. Listen up guys, a man said walking into the studio. This is Mark and he will be the new trainee so take care of him. Mark went to the opposite side of the studio so he wouldn't be around the other members. Jackson you're the only one that's fluent in English go over there and introduce yourself, Jinyoung said. So what if I'm fluent in English, he obviously doesn't want to talk to anybody, Jackson protested. Just do it Jackson, Jaebum insisted. You are one cruel leader JB, Jackson said as he slowly walked over to Mark. Hey, I'm Jackson nice to meet you, Jackson introduced in English. The closer Jackson got to Mark the more Mark moved away from him. Mark was surprised that Jackson was fluent in English so he didn't know what to say. All he could think about was how cute he thought Jackson looked and that made him blush but also too scared to talk to him so all he did was nod and then walked away. Do I smell funny or something? Jackson asked himself. I can't believe he just walked away from you Jackson, Youngjae said. I can, BamBam chuckled. Shut up BamBam, Jackson said as he threw a towel at BamBam, go hang out with Yugyeum. Why did be have to walk up to me and introduce himself like that? Mark asked himself. I really want to talk to him too. Maybe I can talk to him once we get back to the dorm and I finally get settled in. I hope I don't get put in the same room as him. That would be torture for me. I can barely be in the same building as him without blushing let alone a room. After a few hours of dance practice everyone headed back to the dorm. Welcome to the dorm Mark, JB said. We decided it would be best for you to room with Jackson since you both are English speakers, Jr. told Mark. Oh no! Marks mind started going crazy, thinking that what Jr just said was a dream. Marks mind went blank so all he could do was nod. Here let me take your stuff to our room, Jackson said taking Marks stuff out of his hands.
That's the end of the first chapter. Sorry if it's not that good I am pretty new at writing fanfics. If you want something to happen in the story just tell me and I just might put it in the story. @ChandraTorres @SydneyLstrange @BBxGD
You're welcome. @luna1171
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I read this chapter... 1 but then I see a chapter 6.. so I like to read 2..3..4..and 5..where are they I can't find them on your page..
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