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Okay guys so I have some faithful readers and several parts from now I'm possibly planning a, ahem, for the lack of a better term, steamy scene. So I want to make sure it's not going to completely offend every single one of my readers. If it will then I'll leave it out. But! If some are okay with it, then I will give warning at the moment it gets, ya know, steamy lol. If I add one, I'll make sure it's clearly set apart by labeling it and making it as its own part so it can be easily skipped over because it won't be detrimental to the plot if you don't read all the details lol. Either way! Input would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know before I get too far into the chapter >_< again it's not set in stone but if I'm going to try it then I want to make sure I'm not going to ruin my reputation or something XD Taglist @jjrockstar @ashleyemmert @CrystalGuerra @emhoover1993 @Jaiipanda @sosoaloraine23 @JessicaEvaristo @drummergirl691 @NadineEsquivel @lucinda @RaquelArredondo @JenniCinneman @koinii @purplehairedluv @AraceliJimenez @Annaharris1989 @DamarisCisneros @SkyHigh11111 @amobigbang @thePinkPrincess @VKookie47 @MichelleIbarra @orchiofriend549 @HayleyYates @Tamaki1618 @katcollins02 @ZitaMahoney @likelikee @demiwaworuntu @VeronicaArtino @ot12exodus02 @HayleyEastman @PrettieeEmm @Nikkity @LaurenStrayhorn @gummydragon @destiny1419 @YeseniaLira @Maelyn @StephanieDuong @KeziahWright @Jiyongixoxo @JenniCinneman @CassidyRoush @StefaniTre @blackirishawk @BulletproofV @destiny1419 @ArielaPicazo @SusiBosshammer @MischiefK1ng @JohnHomampha @StephyBAP @CreeTheOtaku @SunnaWalo @LenaBlackRose @ARMYStarlight @PandaSoapy @SugaOnTop @Mercedesbenz98 @AlexAckerman @otakukpopgirl @MichelleIbarra @MrsBangYongguk @Mercedesbenz98 @ArhenBurris @DawanaMason @CamrynCherry @Valerie816 @DekaraMiller @QueenLele @sierrakuper @Starbell808 @ChelestiEdwards @SamanthaRamdath @demiwaworuntu @ZitaMahoney @EWillsea @likelikee @MsLoyalHeart @PandaSoapy @SabrinaKeovilay @jenjenkhreim @katcollins02 @Tamaki1618 @HayleyYates @orchiofriend549 @ot12exodus02 @HayleyEastman @NaughTae @merryjayne13 @SaraHanna @jupnoor @lolImbetter09 @faith92 @RaynaEllsworth @viviano6 @DreaG1518 @Jasminep96 @Jinnyrod3 @H8rt4u @sharfyj5 @DamarisCisneros @ToriDaldegan @CrookedShadow @PrincessUnicorn @Mikim000 @HopeAndSunshine @BekahVires @leelee12 @ciabri22 @KPOPER1 @TesneemElAlami @TaliyaMay14 @Zyxzj @JessicaChaney @aprillove196 @Jessicalista
Honestly I won't be offended at all. If it helps you can make two versions of the same chapter just with different ratings if that makes sense.
Go for it!!!
Whatever you want to do!! It's your story! :D But I would be okay with it. Haha. xD
I'll be fine with anything, I read smuts all the time so no big deal for me
I agree with @drummergirl691 Are you going to let us know when it ends as well or do we have to look for it ourselves?
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