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Cam Newton has been under media scrutiny after he left in the midst of his press conference after the Super Bowl. Some support saying people need to understand how pissed Cam must have been after the Panthers lost the Super Bowl. Others are criticizing Cam for his actions, saying it was unprofessional and rude of him to leave before the press conference ended.

What's Conan's take on this matter? Check out the video below!

I love this guy so much.

That's all I got to say this morning ladies and gentleman.
Cam is so ridiculous, petulant and unprofessional--whether he wins or loses! Coming out the practice prior to the Super Bowl in gold cleats that say MVP?!?! Really, Cam?! Acting like you're the ONLY one that lost, when the fans lost, your team lost, your owners lost, betting rings lost... Then acting a fool in front of the media when you're potentially the face of the NFL?! OMG!!!! This man-child is pathetic. Don't get me started with this narcissistic DB
@marshalledgar Wow...such a ha8er hahaha
well, if expecting athletes to man up and be professional means I'm a hater then so be it.
@marshallledgar Haha yeah he can def mature up a bit but I also think professional sports need players like Cam to make it more exciting and draw fans!
excitement, at what cost? his behavior isn't cool or exciting. I think it's a black eye for the NFL. I'm not impressed with that style of entertainment