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Just joining? start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 5 Continue reading? Part 7 *this chapter doesn't have alot of namjoon it but he obviously will be in the next chapter I just had to add to get to where I wanted for the next chapter.*
I really had fun with tae. We had really become closer. We were sitting on a bench eatting ice cream after our "date" when he put his arm around me. I looked up at him and he had his adorable smile on. "What?" I asked smiling and poking his nose. "Just felt like doing this." He glanced behind me and I turned to look. These guys really suck at spying. I played it dumb like I couldn't see them. "Hey tae isn't that pretty." I pointed to the area they were in but I was pointing to the moon. It was huge. "The moon. Yea." I turned to look at him. "I know they are here. They suck at spying." "Yea. But at the same time they are good. I didn't plan us coming here and they found us." "Oh well let them spy. I'm cold warm me up." I was playing this up now. "Oh (y/n) you're so cute."He pulled me close in a hug. "This is nice." I said putting my arm around him. "(Y/n) you haven't fallen for me have you?" "What?!" I pulled away. "Well it's just a question." "No tae I don't like you. Your just a friend." "Ouch. What if I said I had fallen for you." "I'm sorry tae even if you do I'm in love with someone else." "Who is it?" "It doesn't matter who I like we will always be friends." "I doubt that." "He said we were only friends." "So you used that card on me? Not like I really like you that way but if I did I totally see where your coming from. Well if you tell me then I can help." "I'm not telling." "Well I really think it's Namjoon. I mean it just seems like it....with how you are towards him." "Fine tae it is namjoon. I like him ok. He doesn't like me." "Ha the way i see it he has to like you too because why would he spy on our "date" if he didn't like you more than a friend." "I don't know." "Trust me I'm right on this. Let's take a walk." He grabbed my hand and pulled me the direction the guys were in. "Tae..." "Just play along ok." I didn't know what he was planning. He stopped walking. "(Y/n)." I looked at him. He took a step closer and before I could register anything his lips were on mine. I didn't kiss back. I didn't push him away. I just stood there frozen. There was some noise to our right and some whispered to be quiet. Tae smiled against my lips. After a second he pulled back. "Alright I'll take you home." He started pulling me again. I didn't say anything until we got back to my place. "I don't know what you're planning tae but please let's not kiss again. I really didn't like it." "What? Really?" "Really...I'd prefer....." I stopped myself I hadn't said anything about me and namjoon kissing and he didn't need to know. "Oh I get it you want Namjoons kisses....I get it I want Jojo's. Alright I promise no more kisses." "Thank you. I'll see you later." "Bye" He said and he walked out of my building as I got on the elevator. I went to bed right away. I was exhausted. The next few days were brutal. I worked long hours for our station and V had me call him whenever I got off. Some of the things he said didn't make sense. "Tae why do you have me call you?" "I missed you and wanted to hear your lovely voice." "Shut up. I'm gonna hang up." "Nooo, I love yoooouuuuuuuuu come spend the night with me?" "What?! No!" "Really??? You will!!! Oh I'm so excited I'll make sure the guys are out so we can have a date inside." "Tae I said no." "Ok cutie see you at 8" "Tae..." He hung up. This guy was crazy. But he is my friend so I can handle him. *ding* Tae: Oh man you should see him. He looks upset. Me: I'm not spending the night. Tae: I know you just need to come over. I'll take you home before it gets to late. Me: Ok see you in an hr Tae: bye. After getting ready I started walking to the dorm. I was almost there when I bumped into someone. When I looked up it was the girl Jojo that tae was trying to get. "Oh I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." I said "No its fine....Hey you're the girl that was with tae the other day." "Yea you're Jojo right?" "You remembered." She laughed. " how are you?" "'s tae doing?" "He's fine..." Maybe I should see how she feels about tae. "So...listen I have a question." She said "Ok fire away." "Are you Taes girlfriend?" "No I'm least not yet we've gone on a few dates...I'm actually heading to his place now for one." "Oh." She looked a little upset. "Can I ask you something?" I asked "Sure." "You like him don't you?" "What no...." "Are you sure? So I can continue to pursue this?" I was really trying hard to get a reaction out of her. "I really can't stop you if you guys like each other." "So you do like him. You can tell me the truth." "You can't tell him." "I wont." "Yea I do like him alot. I just always thought he was messing with me so I always said I didn't like him. I think he's just perfect but I don't want to get hurt." "Alright....the next time he talks to you maybe you should tell him your feelings....." I looked down at my watch. " Hey I have to go but you should think about it ok." I started walking away. "Thank you." She said and I just waved and went on my way. When I got to the dorms I saw namjoon out front. He didnt notice me. I was staring at him. He looked like he was really thinking about something.
"Namjoon!" I walked over to him "Oh hey (y/n) you're here to see tae?" "Yea but you too." "Really?" "Yea! What are you doing out here." I sat next to him. There wasn't much room since there were bikes on one side of him and a bar on the other. I ended up being real close to him. "(Y/n) i.....I'm so confused." He looked at me and we were too close. Out noses barely touched. My breath caught in my throat. "Wh...what are you confused about?" "Why have you been ignoring me?" "Have i?" "You called V everyday the last 3 days but not me." "Oh I'm sorry I was busy and he asked me to call him when I got off." "I get it your dating but you can't forget about me." "Wait namjoon....we aren't dating....we just went on a few dates..... I mean it's not like you should be upset right we are still friends." "Well your basically with V and.....I don't want to lose you." What the heck...I don't know what to do. I really want to tell him right now how I feel but I cant...... "Namjoon you're not going to lose me....I really...." I was interrupted by tae. "(Y/n) you're here! You are late! Well I guess you're not you just didn't tell me you were here." I looked at Tae who had stood in front of us. "Sorry." "It's ok...let's go inside." He grabbed my hand and pulled me up and took me inside leaving namjoon behind. He took me to his room. Once the door was shut he started talking. "See this is gonna work out." "Tae I think you need to go see Jojo." He already got her thinking about him and I felt bad messing with namjoon this way. "What why?" "Just trust me....I think we should stop this." "(Y/n) are you blind? This is helping you too." "I don't want to hurt namjoon... I like him to much and I feel like I'm hurting him by continuing this." "Wow I'm being dumped." "Tae we aren't even dating." "Alright Alright." "Go find Jojo and talk to her." "Fine" he pulled out his phone and called her. After a little bit he hung up. "So?" "I'm gonna go see her after she gets off." Alright. "Awesome now let's watch a movie till then." So we went to the living room and I sat in the middle of the couch while Tae got the movie ready. Namjoon came in and sat next to me. I turned and smiled at him. And he flashed me a smile and I melted those adorable dimples could kill me. Tae sat on the other side of me. And tapped me. I looked back at the tv and concentrated on the movie. About an hour into it tae got up and said he'd be back. Once the door shut namjoon started talking. "I've missed you." I turned to look at him. "I've missed you too." "Then please text me everyday at least." "I'm sorry I get busy and forget to talk to people....I'll try to remember from now on." "Ok I'll do the same. I don't want to lose you..." "Namjoon do you want to go out and do something over the weekend. Just me and you?" "I'd love that!" After awhile the movie finished and there was no tae still. My phone e buzzed. Tae: Hey have namjoon take you home I won't be back till late. Me: Ok "Hey namjoon can you take me home?" "What about tae." "Don't worry I just want to go home now I'm tired." "Ok...let's go." Since it was a nice night out we walked back to my place. We talked about what we had been doing the last couple days and by the time we got back to my place we had started Goofing around. "Do you wanna come in?" I asked after unlocking my door. "Nah I should probably go home." "Well I guess." Before he could walk away I pressed my lips against his cheek. "Thanks for walking me home. It was fun." "Yea....I'll talk to you tomorrow ok...we need to discuss what we're gonna do this weekend." He was smiling. "Alrighty bye!" After I shut the door. I got a phone call. "(Y/n) Jojo and I are dating!!! She finally said she has liked me for a while. She said she was too scared I was just teasing her." "Awesome I knew it." "Now to work on namjoon..." "Don't worry about it. You just worry about your new girlfriend." "Ha ok ok I gotta go were hanging out right now and I just wanted to tell you the good news." "Well thanks have a good time." That was fast well that's ok. I really didn't like messing with namjoon. I mean he obviously didn't like me like I liked him. I mean if he did wouldn't he have done what Jojo did? Oh well I just need to change my mind frame and stick to being just friends. Little did I know tae had some plan up his sleeve.
So what do you think???? I love namjoon in this gif!!!!
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The cliff hanger!!😢😢
This is cute!!! This is really cute, Imma need Namjoon to step his game up and ask her already!!!!! And that gif is going to kill me!!!!
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