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Every single time Manga gets made into an anime there's something missing from the Manga in its animated adaptation. So here's a list of Anime's I feel let me down one way or another. (Before I start I would like to point out I love and support all types of Anime and realize there are deadlines or other reasons things are missing, k then onward march :3)

1. Shaman King

Starting off my list with all of my hatred for one of the most DISAPPOINTING adaptations ever. Firstly love Shaman King both the Anime but more the Manga...duh, but the anime was missing so much from the Manga. Name changes across the board, HUGE plot elements or character progression missing, or CHARACTERS entirely removed makes little to no sense at all.

2. Air Gear

Next on this list is one I was warned to not watch...so duh I watched it (total maverick xD) enjoying myself I was confused why 3 different friends told me to NOT watch it, well because everything from the Manga is missing of course. Whether the be huge plot elements, character motivations, character progression, or who the hell ANYBODY is. Again I enjoyed the anime and in its short life span it captivated many a fan base while also creating some ear candy OST's. However it would have been sicks as regalia to see most of this stuff animated.

3. Magi

Bit of a flip with this one I actually loved the manga to anime adaptation and think where it stopped is OK...except c'mon @_@ now granted I don't know everything that's missing with this one, the arc that I DO know is missing is kinda the most important one because it's where everything is explained. The Djinns, The Magi, King Solomon, and Al-Thaman. Still out of everything on this list this one is more one of the faithful adaptation's and because of series like BLEACH (where the Anime finished but the manga is still going) I actually gave the Manga a read.

4. Soul Eater

Wow hello if there was ANYTHING that needs to be on this list that would be this adaptation, bad ass anime without a doubt but obviously missing important elements, like how the fights ACTUALLY went! Black Star vs Mifune, Maka vs Arachne, Kid vs Mosquito. Damn what Crona is who ACTUALLY killed joe, stuff reeeeeeeaaaaaaalllly started to flip when it comes to this adaptation. Why? I don't have a clue as it's not marketed to kids as blood, obscenities and vulgar language seep from this anime I'm baffeled honestly, entire arcs are missing but no duh, and the anime finished waaaaaaaaay of base from the Manga.

5. Attack on Titan

If you didn't expect this you haven't read the manga. What the hell happened here? Huge missing plot points and elements are missing here. Explanation's are needed when somebody is doing important shit or why something is the way it is *cough* *cough* (colossal titan) *cough* it confuses those who haven't read the manga why Eren is so special or why Levi has his motivations. Anime only watchers are left in the dark as to how the colossal titan appears and disappears without warning...(it's a ghost xD..jk)

6. Nanatsu no Taiza (Seven Deadly Sins)

With this one I'm actually going to have to ask what was missing, I read and know that there is QUITE a bit missing from the manga. However I don't know what it is I felt as though I understood everything that was shown to me based off what the anime was showing. Except for some details like the marks on Meliodias or why his weapon is broken or who Arthur was and why he was there. So please message me with your answers :) Arigato

7. Bleach

Yeah I'm screwing around now xD lastly is BLEACH one of the forbidden four anime when it comes to anime test questions and knowledge so why does it make MY list again I'm just foolin' around now all I want is for them to animated the 100 war arc. C'mon who wouldn't want to see ( SPOILER ALERT) Rukia's Bankai, Shinsui's Bankai, Ukitake's Death, Kenpachi vs Gremmy or Ichigo going all Getsuga Jujisho! or the return of my favorite character Grimmjow, yeah it would be cool as Bankai to see this stuff man.
So what do you think? Is there an anime adaptation that doesn't live up to the manga in one way or another? If so comment and give me the details. I do encourage you to make your own card on the matter and tag me to let know your choices :D
@InVinsybll I was just thinking that akame ga kill should be on here. That was a huge disappointment
I personally don't care if things are missing. I always read the manga (If there is one) before watching an anime. So I don't need the anime to be spot-on. It makes little difference when you know everything already. But that's just my personal outlook.
@SarahSutcliff Fruits Basket was also my first manga I genuinely appreciate manga because of it, I never watched the anime though I'll give it a whirl to see the differences :D
@littlemaryk Yeah I read the manga because of a youtuber Forneverworld he does reviews and the like. He stopped doing them for magi but I was interested to read it because of him and when I did I noticed stuff was missing in the anime adaptation, like characters or character relationships, or the outcome to many events like when Judar(l) pulls an orichimaru for Hakuryuu. I sat there going....SO WHAT HAPPENED!? xD
I was hoping Rosario + Vampire would be on this list
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