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Stylist: I heard you were singing at the Super Bowl. Is there a certain look you're going for? Lady Gaga: Have you ever played Pokémon? Stylist: Say no more.
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I need to weaken her...WITH MY BLASTIOSE!!!
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She's one of us!!!! Even celebrities are otakus
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@MajahnNelson @YumiMiyazaki @danidee @DardenJustin @kekers96 @Baoyi @KingRioAskin @Boggleman @AngelusLapis @KingRioAskin @fierhawk90 @DaWayneHoskins @EmilyPeacock @CreeTheOtaku @AnimeFan4Evr All y'all made ma day, thanks for all your funny comments and support. Mad love for those who liked and commented on my post. Tbh, y'all love and support pushes me forward on ma harsh times.
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The resemblance really is strangely uncanny lol.
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