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WARNING: No smut in this chapter but highly possible in future chapters. This is a Markson fanfic but I might throw in a little JJ project along the way and maybe some of the others to spice it up a little bit.
( in the middle of the night) Why can't I sleep, Mark said to himself as he tried to get comfortable on his new bed. Is it because I'm sharing a room with Jackson? No. It's because this is a new place.. yeah...a new place. Man I'm hungry, I guess I can get up and get something to snack on. Mark hears Jackson roll over which stops Mark right in his tracks. Crap! That was close, Mark thought as he tiptoed out of the room and into the kitchen trying not to wake anyone up. As Mark slowly came back into the room he noticed Jackson sleeping. He's even cute when he's asleep too, Mark giggled as he got closer to investigate Jackson's sleeping face. Mark ended up falling asleep right next to Jackson. Jackson wakes up to Mark's head on his chest. Hey! Jackson said trying to get Mark off of him. What? Mark asked in a sleepy voice as he rubbed his eyes. That was so cute! Jackson yelled in his head. Who said you could fall asleep on me? Jackson asked teasingly. Before Jackson could even blink Mark was on the opposite side of the room. I'm sorry I didn't mean to, Mark panicked. Wow that's the most I've heard you talk, Jackson said with a smile making Mark blush. Jinyoung knocked on the bedroom door to tell them breakfast was ready. Did you sleep well? Jinyoung asked Mark. Yes thank you for asking, Mark said quietly as he noticed Jackson staring at him with a smile on his face causing Mark to blush again. Damn you! Why did you have to fall asleep on him? Mark thought to himself. Hurry up everybody we have to go to practice, Jaebum hollered. Soon after getting ready everyone got in the van and headed to the practice room. The boys practiced for hours and the entire time Jackson couldn't quit staring at Mark. Jackson! Jinyoung yelled for the tenth time. Huh? Jackson finally answered. Are you okay man? BamBam asked. Yeah, I just have something on my mind, Jackson told them. If you're not feeling well you should go get checked, a voice said a few feet away from them. Everyone turned in surprise and noticed it was Mark that spoke. Jackson jumped up and stood in front of Mark. Are you worried about me, Jackson asked teasingly. No, I'm not worried I just don't want to get sick, Mark said blushing. For the rest of the day Jackson kept teasing Mark but this didn't make Mark mad it actually made him more comfortable. After they got home, Mark gave Jackson some cold medicine. I'm serious if you're not feeling well you need to get a check up, Mark said with a serious face. I'm telling you the truth, I'm not sick so don't worry about it, Jackson assured him. I'm going to take a shower. You can take one after me, Mark told Jackson. Why can't we take one together, Jackson asked half serious half joking. Because I said, Mark said shutting the door before Jackson could say anything. 20 minutes later Mark comes back into the bedroom with a baggy T-shirt and boxers on with a towel draped around his neck. Jackson couldn't quit staring at how hot Mark looked with water dripping from the tips of his hair. It's your turn now, Mark said interrupting Jackson's thoughts. Ok yeah I will be right back, Jackson said. Jackson returns with nothing on but boxers. Mark turns around when he hears the door shut and his face immediately turns red and he turns back around as fast as possible hoping Jackson didn't notice his face turn red. What's wrong? Jackson asked. Nothing just put a shirt on please, Mark told him. Why? Do you not like what you see? Jackson asked. Mark didn't answer so Jackson walked over to him and asked him again causing Mark to turn even more red. If you don't answer me, I'm going to hug you, Jackson said playfully. Jackson got closer and closer the longer it took Mark to answer. Fine! I like what I see, Mark yelled causing both of them to be shocked.
This is the end of the second chapter. I hope you liked it. I think it's a little bit longer than the first chapter was. Remember if you want something to happen in the story just let me know and I might put it in the story. @ChandraTorres @SydneyLstrange @BBxGD @ninjamidori @AaliyahNewbell
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