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So, a lot of people find getting gifts for their S.O. Or another important person in their life difficult. And with Valentines Day in two days(yes, I know you're all probably tired of hearing about it lol), I've decided to share what I'm doing for the person I care about and love the most.
First: A bear. One that wasn't too flirty or over the top. *check*
Step Two: Go to Micheals and try to pick out flowers but fail miserably because there's just so damn many! Which one will she like? They're all so beautiful! Dammit, they don't have these in all the colors! WHAT DO I DO?? ;-;
Step 3: Call mother for back up and convince her to come with me the next day because I can't... I just can't...
Step 4: Finally get the flowers. The red perfectly matches her hair color. We love purple. The Flowers look great together. Success.
Step 5: Set up the flowers together so it's one display, instead of two individual.
Step 6: Put them together! Step 7: Give it to her. Most females don't want complicated stuff. Put effort and time into it. Make it personal. Make it cute. Make her feel as special as she is to you. She deserves it. Her happiness should only be exceeded in priority by her safety/wellbeing. And I'm starting to learn how to do all this. I've known that it's true, but I've never applied it. I've never really had serious reason to. But, I feel like I do now.
Oh, and we went out to a street fair tonight (actually hung out 1-3 P.M. and then 6 P.M. until 2 A.M.)and got matching Henna thingies! Just a perfect day! And we're going out again tomorrow night for DEADPOOL! ^.^ @ButterflyBlu @AlloBaber
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I personally love it when someone really thinks about the things i need/want/like.
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Beautiful!!!! Damn son, you killed it (well, you and mom killed it 馃槀) with those flowers!! Seriously so thoughtful and sweet... I'm sure she loved it. Street fair = perfect date. Look at you guys all cute with the matching henna!!! XD (side note: was it a date? And is this who I think it is or someone new?) let us know how dead pool goes ;)
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@AlloBaber I'm giving it to her tonight because I probably won't see her on Valentine's day, since I'll be gone after work and she's working that day and doesn't wake up until 11 lol Plus, it'll give her something to cuddle with. and it was her idea to get matching ones lol I was just going to let her get one. But nooo haha she didn't want one that was too girly, but in all honesty, I don't really care. It's to make her happy and it's also for US. I don't care if we would've gotten a hot pink unicorn on clouds of glittered lavenders as long as she was excited and liked it haha It's the one you're thinking of.... Alli... it was so perfect. Yesterday was just perfect. Just one of those days where everything went right and we just flowed and we didn't want to separate because then it would all end and 馃槩 But it had to because it was 2:30 in the morning and we were falling asleep, but we managed to get her home, and right when I texted her that I had made it, we both knocked out... /.\ Ahhh. *dying whale noises*
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That I had made it home*
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Awww that's perfect. I still call my mom and ask her for advice about gifts too! they are so knowledgable!!
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